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Rick Steves speaks on why he supports I-502
to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana

marijuana leafSunday, October 21
9:15 and 11 a.m. 

Rick Steves shares why he is co-sponsoring Initiative-502, a bill which will legalize, tax, and regulate the sale of marijuana in Washington State and why he believes drug policy reform is more than a Cheech and Chong joke.

He believes our nation's persistent war on Marijuana is causing far more harm to our society than good. He'll bring his European perspective to the issue and explain why this is a civil liberties, race, family, harm reduction, and fiscal issue of great importance to our community.

Rick will have just finished a 14 city, 7 day tour around Washington State sharing his thoughts on why this initiative is not hard on drugs or soft on drugs, but smart on drugs. 

Rick Steves
Europe Through the Back Door


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