Sunday Morning Routine with Children

Sunday Routine with Children

What to Expect 

Sunday morning classes follow a liturgical flow similar to the elements of an adult service. Classes include the following elements in each Sunday schedule, in somewhat differing order depending on the particular curriculum being taught and the developmental level of the children.

Gathering together

The children gather together for a chalice lighting and reading that frames the day's lesson and creates a sacred space.  

drop of waterNurturing community bonds

We nurture the community bonds among the children through a sharing ritual  of placing pebbles into a bowl of water, representing the interweaving ripples each of our actions contribute to the well being of all. Children share aloud something that's in their heart as they put a pebble into the water. 


Each class collects an offering. The funds from all the classes are saved over the course of the year, and at the end of the year they are donated to the cause the children chose. For the church year ending in May 2014 the children voted to support an organization called Summit Dogs. It's a training facility in Anacortas, where dogs are raised and trained to be service animals. 


The lesson is analogous to the sermon for adults. Children engage in learning Unitarian Universalist values in a wide variety of modalities, engaging the many different ways children learn. 


Stories, games, songs, and art projects are all activities offered in various lessons to deepen the learning for the day. 


The children end their sesson with an intentional closing to mark the end of the special time together. The closing includes a 'carry the flame' thought for the day and finishes with extinguishing the chalice. Occasionally the children sing the valediction together. 


Parents are asked to drop off and pick up children in grade 3 and younger. Please pick up your young ones immediately after the service. Children in Grade 4 and older will be released to go find and check-in with their adults. The religious education teachers need time to clean up. Parents are responsible for their own children during the coffee hour.  


Contact Rev. Cecilia Kingman, Minister for Families and Faith Development