Social Justice News

Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation

May 3, 2017

Message from the Peace and Justice Committee

You may already be aware that 350Seattle is working against the KXL pipeline by targeting banks that provide financing for the project. So far there is not enough committed funding.

There are two events you can participate in to put pressure on Chase, the biggest potential funder of the pipeline. 

350Seattle is organizing a major action for Monday, May 8, in which affinity groups will sit in the major branches of Chase bank to demand that they not finance the pipeline. Visit for more information.

FACT (Faith And Climate Team) is carrying out an action in coordination with 350Seattle, but on a different day and in a different spirit.   "We are not threatening to “shut down” the bank, but we are coming to negotiate with the bank, “to speak to that of God” to the bank manager, and to raise the moral issue of profiting from the destruction of the world as we know it.   We are coming to pray for the conversion of hearts and the opening of conscience."  There will be a number of clergy joining us and we will be holding prayer services both inside and outside the bank. We welcome you to join us on Friday at 10:00 am." 

If you are interested in this event, contact Bill Phipps, coordinator for EUUC and Interfaith Climate Action. He can be reached at 425.971.3049. Bob will let you know the location of the action as soon as it is announced.