Social Justice – Faith in Action

EUUC has an active Social Justice program with activities aimed at local community engagement, climate and racial justice and intersectional justice for women. Every Sunday offering goes out to do good in the world. You can find out more on the Social Justice home page.

The Lobby Room – working towards justice and equity through the power of law

The Lobby Room at EUUC puts faith into action by contacting our state legislators on important justice bills. This year, the Lobby Room group has reviewed bills recommended by our allies working for Climate Justice, Racial Justice, and for Women and Families. We’ve selected 12 bills to focus on this session (learn more here).  We are a month into the three month session, so it is important to keep these bills moving toward a floor vote. Examples of the bills we support are:

  • HB 1091 To reduce greenhouse gas emission by decreasing the carbon content of transportation fuel
  • SB 5140 Ensures that health care entities do not prevent women from receiving treatment for ectopic pregnancy or difficult miscarriage
  • HB 1090 Bans operation or use of private prisons, subject to limited exceptions. Private detention facilities (i.e., the Northwest Detention Center) may operate for the duration of the current contract but not thereafter.

Lobby Room Zoom Parties

Our next Zoom party will be Tuesday Feb. 23 at 4 pm, with one more planned for Monday March 22 at 3 pm.  At these parties we will walk novices through the legislature website and show them how to get more information on bills and contact their elected officials online (preferred over letters or postcards).  Experienced citizen “lobbyists” are always welcome where they work in a separate breakout room, discussing bills and sending in their comments. For the Zoom link, contact

And there are now fun prizes!
Who doesn’t like to win a prize? The person who documents the most actions on our Lobby Room  30 second form between Weds Feb. 10 and Weds Feb 24 will receive a prize. And that’s not all! The eighth person to document their actions in that same period will also receive a prize. Don’t despair if you don’t succeed this round – we will be giving out more prizes as the session goes on.