Practice for Vicky

Look at a few news articles and observe their layout. The title is at the top and then there is an opening paragraph. After that the post is usually divided into sections with headers (short posts may not need headers). Scanning the headers the reader sees the outline of your post. The post is broken into manageable sections with some white space.  Pictures may be present and help engagement. 

What to do first

Before you go on the website, write your post and collect your images.You can edit on the website to fix details. 

Write your post in 11 pt with headers at 18 to 24 pt. The font used on the website is Helvetica.

The images need to be photos that you have permission to use. For general photos that are not restricted go to 

Be sure to write your headers


Now you are ready to login. (ask the webmaster for a login and password if needed but recall that these are given out sparingly).  

Login at the upper right.