Sunday Offering – October 2021 – Viva Farms

Viva Farms is a non-profit farm business incubator and training program with a mission to preserve sustainable farming and create a resilient and just local food system. They empower aspiring and limited resource farmers by providing bilingual training in holistic organic farming, as well as access to all the essentials needed to run a successful farm: access to land, infrastructure and equipment, capital and markets. Viva Farms has educated over 1000 small farmers (350+ Spanish speakers) in sustainable organic farming. Viva is currently incubating 29 farm businesses and has a record 50 PSA students enrolled in the 2021 farming season. EUUC donations will help fund scholarships for the bilingual programs. For more information see this video:

For more information please reach out to Sunday Offering

Two ways to give to Sunday Offering electronically

  1. Click on this link and you will arrive at the EUUC Breeze donation webpage. Use the first dropdown menu to select “Give to Sunday Offering”
  2. Text to give at this number: 425-333-2229. Simply key in that number to your phone, and respond to the prompts to enter the amount you would like to donate. The gift will default to EUUC’s general operations fund unless you add CAUSE to direct it towards the Sunday Offering.