400 Abortion Aftercare Kits from Our Work Party

In the quiet time between Christmas and New Year, 17 members and friends of Advocates for Women, the Racial Justice Committee, and the Reproductive Justice Work Group held a work party at EUUC to put together abortion aftercare kits. Planned Parenthood of Seattle provided the supplies and we provided the brawn. Together we assembled about 400 kits – more than two really full car loads! These kits, which contain items like fuzzy socks, coloring books and crayons, tea and a stress ball, will be taken to multiple clinics around the Puget Sound to give to those receiving abortion care. When you’re not feeling great, it’s always nice to have a bit of TLC! 



Once the working frenzy was over, Madeline from Planned Parenthood updated us on their outreach and opportunities for volunteers. We had a great time doing good!


Clockwise from upper left: Dawn, Madeline (Planned Parenthood), and Karen (holding a kit); Vicky; June; Dan; Nancy and Diana; and Joyce and Karla.