Thank you for the opportunity to minister to and with you! Of all the aspects of ministry I have performed, I feel that the support and nurture of families is the most crucial task, and I believe that, in an increasingly complex, confusing and isolating world, we have an urgent calling to address the real daily concerns of our children and youth and their families.

EUUC has so much to offer the community and the world, and I’m thrilled by the vision of what we might accomplish. I want to share our liberal religious faith with people of all ages, and nurture an exciting, experimental, dynamic family ministry that is a shining example of the best that Unitarian Universalism can offer. I am eager to hear your longings and aspirations for our Faith Development program. We have an amazing future ahead of us, and I can’t wait to get started!

In faith,


About Cecilia

Ministerial Experience

The Reverend Cecilia Kingman comes to us with more than ten years of experience serving congregations in four states, including a two-year Interim Ministry at EUUC in 2007-2009. She has worked in churches ranging in size from 50 to 1500 members. Her ministerial experience includes program administration, staff and volunteer supervision, stewardship education, and mission development.

Faith Development

Cecilia has additional experience in all areas of faith development and ministry to children, youth, and adults. As a minister she has hired and supervised Religious Education staff, recruited and trained teachers, selected curricula, and planned multi-generational programs. She has dedicated babies and buried grandparents, counseled young people facing the confusion of middle school life, and offered marital counseling to hurting parents. She has provided pastoral care to families struggling with infertility, adolescent drug use, parental depression, and all the many challenges that families face.

Unitarian Universalism

Cecilia is committed to wider denominational service. She is the President of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association and a member of the Red Pill Brethren. Since 2000 she has also been a leader in international UU circles, working extensively with the Unitarians of Eastern Europe.

Parenting and teaching children

In addition to her professional experience, Cecilia has been parenting for more than two decades. As a parent and an RE teacher, she has experienced the enduring value of a vibrant religious education program. In fact, her first role in a UU church was as an RE teacher! Cecilia understands the spiritual and community needs of parents and children.

Cecilia’s children currently range in age from young adults to toddlers. In her letter to the Search Committee, she wrote,

“I have been a married stay-at-home mom, a working professional mom, a single mom, and a step-parent, and I have cared for aging parents while raising children. I believe the many varieties of family life I have experienced are an asset in ministry.”

Family and fun

Cecilia is the mother of four children: Isaac, who recently graduated from the University of Oregon; India, who lives and works in Seattle; and two-year-old identical twin daughters. She also has a stepson who is 17 and a junior in high school.

Her partner, Alan Preston, is the Managing Director at Real Change, the homeless newspaper and advocacy organization in Seattle, and is a member of the South Seattle Friends Meeting (Quaker). Alan and Cecilia are active in their South Seattle neighborhood and in local social justice issues.

When Cecilia is not chasing toddlers or serving Unitarian Universalism, she likes to cook for family and friends, work in the garden, pickle anything, and read just about everything.