What is the EUUC auction?

The Auction is the BIGGEST PARTY and  LARGEST FUNDRAISER for the church other than the yearly canvass.

How does it work?

Members and friends donate items of value and then we buy them at auction.  There is dinner, drinks, music, games, a silent auction and a live auction.

What can I do?

Now is the time to be thinking about something of value that you could donate.  This can be an item of value or a service or an event. This is not a rummage sale. A service or event can be a dinner, leading a hike, several hours of babysitting or painting. Feel free to be creative. If you own a vacation home or timeshare, a weekend or a week away would be a great donation.

Are there bargains at the auction?

At the auction we are not looking for bargains. We are trying to donate big by outbidding our fellow members.  Bargains can be found at our annual Rummage Sale in May.

Can I get a refund for a dinner or event?

Refunds should be requested in writing or email addressed to the auction chair and will be issued for the following reasons:

  • The event sponsor does not hold the event.
  • The event sponsor changes the date of the event and the attendee cannot attend on that new date. This does not include when alternate dates are announced in advance and appear in the auction catalog or bid sheets.

If you sign up for an event and later find you cannot attend, please inform the host of the event, and then take either of these steps:

  • Give or sell your place to another person. Finding a person willing to accept or purchase the item or event is your responsibility.
  • Donate the event item to the church and notify the Substitute Coordinator who will invite someone from the Event Substitute List.