Project for 2019: To be determined

Project for 2018: Potpourri

This year we’re planning several of improvements in the Friarplace, Chapman Hall, and classrooms:

1) Replace the well-used sofas, loveseats and chairs in the Friarplace

2) A 55″ TV Monitor & laptop for the Friarplace, which will enhance the use of the Friarplace for EUUC workgroups, including increased teleconferencing possibilities

3) Chapman Hall sound & lighting improvements, including new LED lighting for the pulpit to brighten the stage area and 8 more soundproofing panels to enhance the operation of the new speakers

4) Classroom lighting and furniture for Rooms 1 & 2.  Carpet, furniture and chairs in Room 5.

Together, let’s create welcoming spaces that are comfortable and inviting for both adults and children, and that incorporate current technology for energy efficiency and maximum usability.

Project for 2017: Renovating the Loft for our Youth


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