Any outdoor gatherings sponsored by EUUC or EUUC committees/groups must follow this plan.

Event requests

The group leader (or their designate) shall inform the EUUC Covid 19 Site Officer (Rachel Maxwell) of the planned event, detailing the purpose, date, time, duration, location, and estimated attendance. This information should be provided at least 2 days in advance (1 week for larger gatherings). Approval of events lies with the Site Officer, who documents event details.

In addition to the parking lots, two grass areas can be utilized for small gatherings. These meeting areas are labeled on the aerial map located in Appendix A at the end of this document.

The number of attendees is capped according to the current WA State recovery phase – for both gatherings and for religious services. The size of the gatherings will be constrained by the ability to physically distance (a higher distance is required for gatherings with food/drink), number of available portable toilets, and other potential issues. EUUC may establish more conservative guidelines than those mandated by governmental entities.

Events are generally limited to two hours or less. This is because duration of exposure is directly related to the likelihood of disease transmission. Any variances requested must include a written justification.

Outdoor gatherings may be conducted under an outdoor structure such as a canopy or awning (temporary or permanent) so long as the structure is not walled/enclosed on more than two sides to provide appropriate ventilation.

For gatherings too large for communication in a normal voice, a public address (PA) system should be used to avoid generation of excessive droplets and aerosols. Other communication possibilities include car radios and smart phones linked to portable speakers.


Playground use is not scheduled and the equipment is not regularly cleaned. Use at your own risk.

Exposure/symptom monitoring prior to visits

  1. All attendees reporting to the site will perform wellness self-checks prior to arriving at EUUC.
    A fever of over 100.4*F, respiratory symptoms, or new loss of taste or sense of smell are benchmarks for staying off site.
  2. Persons who were symptomatic and tested positive for COVID-19 should not visit EUUC until cleared by their doctor and meeting the minimum time recommended by CDC (whichever is later) ( If in doubt, stay home!
  3. Individuals who tested positive but remained asymptomatic should wait 10 days after specimen collection before coming to the premises.
  4. Persons who have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case should not visit EUUC premises for 14 days after exposure.

Group Leader

All outdoor gatherings shall have a designated Group Leader.

  • Responsibilities of the group leader are as follows:
    At the beginning of each gathering, request participants to individually affirm wellness checks. If a participant has not performed a wellness self-check prior to arriving, the group leader will perform a temperature check and check items 2, 3 and 4 above.
  • Remind the group of masking and social distancing requirements at the beginning of each event and as required for the duration of the event.These precautions should be taken even if people have received the vaccine.
  • Tell the attendees that they must inform the Group leader if:
    • they learn they were exposed to COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to being on the premises
    • they test positive for or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting the premises
  • Record and maintain attendance log for a minimum of 3 weeks post event. Name and contact information is required.

Exposure reporting

  • In the event that one of the attendees is diagnosed with COVID-19 infection over the next 14 days, the attendance log shall be provided to the Site Officer.
  • All individuals who had been on site concurrently will be notified of such incidents by the Site Officer within 24 hours.
  • It will be the policy of EUUC to keep the identities of infected persons confidential.
  • Before returning to EUUC: the persons should satisfy all the criteria listed above under “Exposure/symptom monitoring prior to visits”.


All individuals will maintain at least a 6 foot separation while on-site and will wear masks at all times. These precautions should be taken even if people have received the vaccine.

Areas designated for Outdoor Gathering will have physical and visual cues to emphasize minimum social distancing requirements (e.g., 6 foot marker, and bright cones). See Appendix A for locations and descriptions of approved Outdoor Gathering spaces.

Eating and drinking is allowed, provided a minimum of 10 feet of separation between households is maintained. Sharing of food outside households is not allowed. Bottled water or other single-serve non-alcoholic beverages may be provided.

Communal singing is not permitted.


All individuals are required to wear a mask when on site.

Restroom use

EUUC will allow use of one designated restroom indoors if use is necessary. Following in-building guidelines will be necessary. Anyone entering the building to use the restroom must sign in and out.

Access to one indoor restroom will be provided for approved, prescheduled activities. If an indoor restroom is utilized, high-touch surfaces should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent after the event and the door left open. Alternatively, the restroom can be blocked for use for 7 days.

Communications and signage

Signage communicating masking and distancing requirements will be clearly posted at entrances to buildings and in outdoor areas that are subject to use. Hand washing technique informational signage will be included inside all bathrooms or other hand washing areas.

Offsite Gatherings

Outdoor gatherings of official EUUC committees/groups/task forces off the premises are permitted, provided there is a Group Leader who ensures that the safety guidelines outlined in this document are followed. Such gatherings do not need to be reserved via the Site Officer. However, any COVID exposures should be reported to the Site Officers.

Appendix A