What is a discussion list?

A discussion list is an email list that people join. When a member of the list sends a message to the list address, all the members get the email. Non-members cannot send messages to the list.

List name

Each discussion list has an easy-to-understand name, such as Coffee Team, and a code name, like CoffeeTeam. If you participate in a committee or group that has a discussion list, ask the chair or leader of the group for the code name of the list. Upper and lower case letters are treated as different characters, so you need the exact code name before you can subscribe.

Subscribe online

  1. Get the code name for the list you want to join.
  2. Enter the following link in your browser, except change ListName to the code name of the discussion list.

    The online form should show the name of the list you want to join. Here is an example of the window for the Coffee Team list. If you do not see the name of the list you want, then the code name you entered was not correct.

Dada mail menu

  1. Enter your email address and name.
  2. Click Subscribe.
  3. The Email Administrator will receive your request to subscribe, and will approve the request before we can add your email address to the list.