A win-win for members and the church

Endowments help the congregation for many years. During recessions when pledges might wane a bit, endowments provide a cushion. Some of these gifts seek to help our members attend General Assembly or become a minister. Others serve wider goals. We encourage our members to consider leaving an endowment to EUUC where the gift will help UUs into the future.

Heritage Society

The Endowment Committee, looking for a way to honor members who remember EUUC in their estate plans, started the Heritage Society in 2008. If EUUC has made a difference in your life, you can continue making a difference in the life of EUUC by making a bequest to ensure a strong church life for future generations.

A specific bequest entitles EUUC to the future ownership of all or a part of a specific asset such as a brokerage account, a life insurance policy, an IRA or real estate. Some assets can be easily designated by adding EUUC to the beneficiary designation of an IRA or life insurance policy. Most specific bequests must be made in your will or trust.


Contact: Endowment Committee