Before the service

  1. Arrive 30 minutes before the service begins.
  2. Wear your nametag and a “Hospitality Team” badge (stored in the Welcome Desk).
  3. Please help the Ushers fold and assemble the Orders of Service while watching the entrance for early arrivals.
  4. If the ushers have not arrived by 25 minutes before the service, help find replacement volunteers.
  5. Take a copy of the Order of Service to the Welcome Desk for their reference.
  6. Stand by the doors 15 minutes before the service begins.
  7. As you welcome people, try to identify visitors and direct them to the Welcome Desk.

Immediately after the service

Greet newcomers in the Narthex and, as appropriate, introduce them to others. Volunteers from the Welcome Desk will be circulating in the Narthex carrying clipboards.

Additional information

If needed, the wheelchair is kept in the storeroom next to the sound system cabinet.

Copies of instructions for Greeters, Welcome Desk volunteers, and Ushers are in the Welcome Desk.


Instructions_for_Greeters (pdf)