Preparing for the service

  1. Arrival – Arrive 45 minutes before the service begins for the 9 am service and 30 minutes before for the 11 am service.  Please wear soft-soled shoes.
  2. Temperature – Do not change the temperature, as it has been set as needed.  To further cool the room, open exterior doors or windows as needed.
  3. Chairs in Chapman Hall – The number of chairs is set up to meet fire department rules.  Please do not add additional chairs.  Two hundred is the maximum allowed.
  4. Usher Supplies – Look for supplies such as baskets and ribbons in the Usher cabinet behind the Narthex TV on the right side (if you are facing the TV).
  5. Nametags – Put on your nametag and also a “Hospitality Team” badge, which you will find in the Ushers’ cabinet.  There are additional “Hospitality Team” badges at the Welcome Desk.
  6. Orders of Service – You will find the Orders of Service (OOS) in a manila folder on the long counter in the Copy Room.  Assemble the OOS if needed.  Place any handouts inside each OOS as directed by the Congregational Administrator or Office Assistant.   Do not place the Donation Envelopes in the OOS.  A note about which hymnal (the gray hardback or teal paperback) to set out, and a cash bag, will be in or on the folder.
  7. Collection baskets and cash bag – Verify that you have four round baskets for collection and a cash bag.  The cash bag should contain an Attendance Form and an Ushers’ Collection Report.  Both forms should identify the date and service time.  If a form is missing, get one from the right side of the long counter in the Copy Room.
  8. Lights in the Narthex – Turn on lights in the Narthex.
  9. Missing volunteers – If the Greeters, Welcome Desk or Narthex Host volunteers have not arrived, work together with the other volunteers to find replacements.

Chapman Hall

  1. Ribbons – Place ribbons on the last two rows of chairs on both sides of the center aisle to reserve seats for latecomers.
  2. Hymnals & Songbooks – Check the OOS or manila folder to determine which hymnals will be needed.  Place the books on every other seat or so.  If gray hymnals are used, place large print copies on top of the sound system for easy access.  Leave the hymnal cart by the Audio-Visual desk.  Braille hymnals are available at the Welcome Desk.
  3. Lights – If appropriate, turn on all Chapman Hall lights, including the light over the podium.  The switch for the podium is on the back (east) wall behind the podium, on the piano side, close to the floor.

Other supplies for special needs

  • Activity packets for children and tissues are available at the Welcome Desk.
  • Hearing assistance devices are available at the Audio-Visual Desk.
  •  In case of a medical emergency, call 911. A defibrillator is located just inside the door to the kitchen, on the right, at eye level.  A small first aid kit is located on the top shelf of tall cabinet directly ahead of you as you enter the kitchen and another one is also in the copy room above the computer.
  • Cleaning rags and paper towels are in the kitchen.

Before the service

15 minutes before

Stand by the doors to Chapman Hall and pass out Orders of Service.  For those who would like one, provide donation envelopes.  Those who are planning to put cash in the offering basket may want a donation envelope if they’d like their contribution to be included on their statement of donations to EUUC. Tell people with babies that they are welcome to be with their children in either Chapman Hall or the Infants room.  The Infants room is the one behind Chapman Hall, with a glass wall and sound, to allow adults to see and hear the service, but provides space for infants to play.

5 minutes before

Hit the gong once.

2 minutes before

Hit the gong again.  Close one door in each set.  Flash the Narthex lights twice.

When the service begins

  • When the minister or worship associate is ready to start the service, they will sound a chime.  This is your cue to promptly shut the doors.
  • One Usher enters Chapman Hall and removes the ribbons.  This person helps latecomers find seats.
  • The other Usher stays in the Narthex for 5 to 10 minutes.  During the Prelude, let latecomers in as needed.
  • Please do not open the doors during meditations or other especially quiet times.  Before going into Chapman Hall, assess the noise level in the Narthex.  If necessary, gently remind people to speak in quiet voices.  If necessary, adjust the volume level for the Narthex speakers.  It should be easy for people in the Narthex to hear the service.  The control is in the corner behind the Book Store.

During the Service

Holding doors

When the children leave the service, to go to their classes, hold the doors open for them.  If the choir is exiting, hold the doors open for them.


During the sermon, count the number of people in Chapman Hall, the Infants room, Narthex and kitchen.  Include children if they do not leave for classes. Count the choir during the early service, but DO NOT count them at the late service.  Complete the Attendance Form and put it in the cash bag or write down the number in preparation for filling out the Attendance Form later.

The Offering

When the offering is introduced, go to the front of the church.  Each Usher serves half of Chapman Hall.  Do not walk between the Choir and the Choir Director.  Typically, at this point, the Ushers leave to count the offering.  However, if you remain in Chapman Hall until the end of the service, place the offering, including unopened donation envelopes, into the cash bag and keep it with you in Chapman Hall until you leave to count.


In conjunction with the Narthex Host, please try to reduce noise in the Narthex if it is carrying into Chapman Hall, and handle any emergencies.  If there is a disruption in Chapman Hall, attempt to resolve the issue.  If necessary, point out the Infants room to parents.  If necessary, point out to parents in the Infants room that pounding on the window or window ledge can be heard in Chapman Hall.

After the service

  1. Take the cash bag to RE 7.  Occasionally if RE 7 is occupied you may need to use the copy room next to the church office or another room.  In any case, shut the door and lock it (copy room only).  Other people should not be in the room while you are counting.  Do not count money in open or unlocked areas like the Narthex or a classroom.
  2. Complete the Ushers’ Collection Report found in the cash bag.  Instructions are on the back of the form.  Do not open donation envelopes.  Do not write a total amount for the checks.  Make sure the service time is on the form.  Be sure both ushers count the money separately and sign the reports.
  3. Place the cash, checks, the Ushers Collection Report, and the Attendance Form in the cash bag and push it through the slot in the door to the Administrator’s office.  If the Administrator is in her office, place the bag in her hand or give it to the Office Assistant.  DO NOT leave the bag on a counter.


Return to Chapman Hall and collect any returned Orders of Service.  If there is another service today, place the gently used Orders of Service with the others for the next service.  After all services are over, recycle the Orders of Service.  After the last service, return hymnals to the cart.  Remove any debris left behind in Chapman Hall, especially coffee cups.  Make sure all candles are snuffed.

Download Instructions for Ushers (pdf)