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Together, the Advocates work with organizations that help women overcome societal, political, or economic limitations that are imposed based on their gender. We raise funds and get donations for organizations working in Puget Sound and around the world.

We leverage the support provided by EUUC for Social Justice work by raising funds, most often by holding congregational benefits that combine a delicious complimentary meal with learning and the opportunity to give. All of our benefits help educate the congregation concerning the problems that the beneficiary organization is working to solve.

We also conduct product drives to help domestic violence shelters and other organizations with items they need. We have collected Orca cards, store gift cards, feminine products, baby diapers, personal care supplies, quarters for laundry, and much more.

In addition to donating at our benefits and contributing to our product drives, our generous congregation provides money for Advocates for Women through their Social Justice pledges, and we use most of that money to add  to our fundraising projects.

Upcoming Events

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Want to know more about us and current projects?

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Completed Projects

Obstetric Fistula – ongoing from 2011

$5546 was donated from 2013-2019 to Worldwide Fistula (formerly One by One), a Seattle/Chicago based organization that helps cure women in Africa of this debilitating condition. Watch this video to learn more.

Help for women leaving the sex trade – December 2019

Attendees at our Reproductive Justice event donated gift cards for local grocery and variety stores, as well as bus passes. A total of $460 worth of cards were donated to Peoria Home, which has a residential program in Everett for women surviving prostitution.

Pillow Drive – November 2019

Thanks to our congregation, we raised $1235 to purchase over 100 pillows to provide women in housing transition at Pathways for Women and Snohomish County Domestic Violence Services.

Reproductive Care – Planned Parenthood of St. Louis and SW Missouri – June 2019

Due to additional pledge funding, we were able to donate $1500 to Planned Parent in a state where reproductive rights have been increasingly curtailed.

Sexual Violence Law Center – June 2019

Our donation of $1500 to this organization was made possible by the generosity of our congregation members. This organization provides legal services for survivors of sexual violence in Washington state, as well as resources to survivors, attorneys, and prevention programs. 

Caring and Sharing: Ethnic products – May 2019

Advocates for Women and the Racial Justice Committee collaborated to raise $527 to purchase ethnic skin care products, an unmet need in shelters in our area. These were donated to Pathways for Women and Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County for use by their residents of color.

Women in Housing Transition – March 2019

Attendees at our educational event on Gender Equity in America donated $550 worth of gift cards for local grocery and variety stores to be used by clients of Pathways for Women and Snohomish County Domestic Violence Services.

Native Action Network, Benefit Dinner – November 2018

Native Action Network celebrates accomplishments of Native women elders and looks to the future with their leadership programs for young Native women of Washington. They meld valued traditions that respect the role of women with modern technologies essential for success. We were pleased to donate $3800 (almost 9% of their annual budget) to this organization!

Awash with quarters – October, 2018

In this all-ages project, the congregation was invited to donate quarters for the women at Pathways for Women to use in washers and dryers at the facility. $515 was raised.

The Malala Fund, Supporting Every Girl’s Right to an Education– Benefit Dinner, May 2018

$3300 was raised to help Syrian refugee girls, as well as girls in South Asia, achieve a quality high school education. “Syrian refugee girls are #notlost — not if they have education.

Supporting Planned Parenthood – 2018

We gathered periodically in front of the Planned Parenthood Health Center in Lynnwood to show support for the services they provide and the people who rely on them.

Pathways for Women – 2016-2018

Small gift items are donated each June and December for women in housing transition who are served by the YWCA of Everett.

Girl Power Book drive, October 2017

100 new books were collected for Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center in Everett, which serves children who are homeless or in housing transition.

Keeping Girls in School: Days for Girls – Benefit and Concert, March 2017

$3400 was donated to help teen girls in Africa remain in school by providing reusable feminine kits and teaching about hygiene. Our donation will help the Edmonds chapter establish a program in Swaziland.

REST – Real Escape from the Sex Trade – Benefit Dinner, October 2016

$2900 was contributed to REST, which provides direct services to some of the hundreds of women and girls who are sold for sex each night in our area. REST also works to reduce the demand for sex workers.

Syrian Refugees Women’s Sewing Project – Benefit Dinner, March 2016

$3700 was donated to the Seattle-based Salaam Cultural Museum for their Sewing Project at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, which teaches the refugee women to sew and to market their finished pieces

Syrian Refugees – Baby Box Drive, May 2016

Baby items such as clothing for infants, diapers, bibs, and blankets was collected for distribution at the Zaatari refugee camp by the Salaam Cultural Museum

Serving Children in Housing Transition: Tomorrow’s Hope – Benefit Dinner, October 2016

$2,400 was raised to meet the critical needs of homeless and low-income children for quality daycare in Snohomish County.

Avoiding Child Marriage through the Landesa Girls Project –  Benefit Dinner, March 2015

$2700 was raised to help provide micro-plots to girls in West Bengal, India, and to teach them about farming, nutrition, and property rights. The resulting income helps them stay in school, decreases child marriage, and combats malnutrition.

Building  Leadership: Young Women Empowered – Benefit Dinner, November 2014

$2300 was raised to help teen women in the Puget Sound build confidence, resilience, and leadership skills. Half of the youth served are immigrants and 85% are young women of color.

Helping Homeless Women: Mary’s Place – Paper Drive, May 2014

Personal care items, which are in short supply for homeless women, were collected for donation to Mary’s Place.

Indigenous Mexican Women: Mujeres de Maiz Opportunity Fund – Benefit Dinner, March 2014

$2450 was raised to help support a seamstress cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico, providing educational opportunities and other benefits important for learning such as eye exams and glasses.

Helping Homeless Women: Mary’s Place – Benefit Dinner, November 2013

$3964 was raised to help homeless women rebuild their lives at Mary’s Place day shelter.

Educating Afghan Girls – Benefit for Sahar, March 2013

Our donation helped Sahar provide educational opportunities for Afghan children and build connections between Afghans and Americans.

Combating Sex Trafficking in Puget Sound – Benefit for Youthcare, October 2012

$1044 was donated to YouthCare’s Bridge shelter which provides beds and services to youth who have been trafficked

Gift Bags for Refugee Women Survivors of domestic violence – 2011 – 2014

Small gift bags (24 per year) were given to graduates of the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) classes in domestic violence.

Supporting Women Survivors of War: Women for Women International – March, 2011

$1700 was donated to help provide women survivors of war and civil strife with the resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency