Because the earth and all life is sacred and being threatened, we feel called to transform both ourselves and the world.  Here at EUUC, our Peace & Justice Committee focuses on “striking at the roots.”  Read on for information about the main committee.  We also have two associated groups, Sno-King Meaningful Movies and the Racial Justice Workgroup.


Peace & Justice Committee


Be present in the world, discerning which issues call us to act to bend the arc of justice toward our vision of a just and sustainable world.

Be present in our community, as leaders and collaborators, to amplify our ability to make changes locally and beyond.

Be present in our congregation, to inspire, energize, and aid in connecting hearts to action.

Who are we?

We are fun, hopeful, committed people who have a vision of a just and sustainable world. We choose work that speaks not just to our own interests, but to interests of the congregation as well. We seek to inspire, educate, and advocate — nurturing fellowship and action within EUUC and beyond. We make a difference. This is difficult work. We are able to continue by offering each other comfort, courage, friendship, and strength through our shared values and mission. We would love to have you join us!

What are we doing?

The most urgent problem to be addressed is the climate crisis, but we cannot make any progress in this or any other justice issue, without also addressing the corruption of our democracy.  We focus on these root issues.  We also respond to current issues.  Learn more of our goals and long history of advocacy, education, and activism.


All are welcome! We usually meet on the third Thursday of the month, at 6:30 p.m. in Rooms 1 & 2. Check the calendar for our next meeting.

Contact our Co-Chairs

Gayle Leberg, Cindy Creager, and Julie Taylor

Transforming Our World Events

Date Time Event Location
04/14/2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Lets Talk About The Green New Deal

Transforming Our World News

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  • EUUC at the Climate Strike September 16, 2019 Eric encouraged us to join the climate strike  on September 20 during his sermon on Sunday.  The Peace & Justice Committee has been focused on this strike for some time now.  Because this is also Seabeck weekend, we have not organized one location for EUUC to gather.  Some people will go to Seattle and then ... Read More

  • Racial Justice Committe Poster Presentation at General Assembly March 22, 2019 GA has notified the RJC that our proposal for a Poster Presentation of “Taking A Stand For Racial Justice” has been accepted. Anyone attending GA is invited to be with us as we present our EUUC congregation’s practices for proposing and taking a stand. Hope to see you there! Read More

  • Interesting Meetings/Workshops March 20, 2019 Native American Workshop “Challenges Facing Native American Communities and How to be Allies” (Some Racial Justice Committee members will be attending) April 6th – 12:00 to 4:00 Hosted by the Eastshore Unitarian Church   STEP-UP: Moving Racial Equity Forward Conference (Some Racial Justice Committee members will be attending) April 26th Sponsored by Leadership Snohomish County at the Lynnwood Convention Center   Seattle Promise to Protect ... Read More

  • Joint Projects Update March 18, 2019 The following are some community updates concerning the RJC’s joint projects:   A4W and RJC are working together to raise money to buy cosmetics and hair products for women of color during the month of May to be donated to Pathways for Women. Stay tuned for details. A4W and RJC are working together to raise money to buy ... Read More

  • Three Part Movie Series March 13, 2019 Over the next three months, Everett and Sno-King Meaningful Movies, along with the North Puget Sound Conference on Race (see below) and the Communities of Color Coalition, will be presenting a three-part, critically acclaimed “docu-series” entitled Elementary Genocide. This series, by award-winning journalist/filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz, looks at how our public school system is failing African ... Read More

  • P & J Welcomes You to Join Us in Climate Work February 24, 2019 The Peace and Justice Committee is focused on responding to and supporting efforts to reduce green house gas emissions.  There are many fronts upon which to direct our activities. In the past, we were often engaged in marches, testifying against projects and more. However, the battle is shifting. Now we have a legislature prepared to act. ... Read More

  • EUUC Lobby Room Opens January 27 January 21, 2019 “Easy, fun and effective.” Those are the hopes of the EUUC Peace & Justice Committee as they open a place where EUUC members can make their justice voices heard in the halls of Olympia, city hall and more.   How does it Work?   P & J members will have: Postcards, pens, colors and other supplies Addresses of key office holders Names of ... Read More

  • Time to Make Our Values Heard in Olympia December 28, 2018 The Washington State Legislature gets to work on January 14th and so should we.  This legislative session is a long one. It promises to have many progressive bills introduced.  Our job is to know what is happening and let our legislators hear from us often about our priorities. EUUC has three powerful faith based organizations that help ... Read More

  • Talking to Your Friends about I-1631 – Getting the Facts Straight October 23, 2018 From the Field Director of Yes on 1631, the initiative for clean energy and jobs: Friends, We always knew this election was going to be close. All indications say every vote is going to matter. Now that we’ve been inundated by Oil Industry ads for months many of you are having near constant conversations with your friends, family and ... Read More

  • Thank You From the NW UU Justice Summit Organizers October 23, 2018 Here is Cecilia’s sermon at the Summit:Listen   Dear EUUC members and friends, THANK YOU for hosting the 2018 NW Justice Summit.  This Summit saw the launch of the new UU state action network for Washington, called JUUstice Washington. Your friends on the EUUC Summit host team were terrific, from soup, to songs, to sounding the gong.  The ... Read More