When our immediate comfort and economic security

is put ahead of the suffering and survival

of some of the poorest and most vulnerable on Earth,

that’s moral wrongdoing on a cosmic scale,and we respond with moral outrage.

                                                          — From the 2016 Congregational Stand on Global Warming

Global warming is the most urgent crisis facing human civilization.

We engage the community and congregation with opportunities to learn about issues related to climate justice, and to advocate for systemic change.  We grow activists.

We have recently focused primarily on:

  • Working with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy to put an initiative on the November ballot that charges the biggest polluters to fund a just transition to clean energy.
  • Helping people reduce their carbon footprint through a fun, team-based community “competition” called Taming Bigfoot.

We attend protests and rallies, and help ignite the “inner activists” in our congregation to attend with us.  We partner with interfaith organizations and activist groups, such as Faith Action Climate Team, Earth Ministry, and 350.org.  Protests might be those calling for divestment from funding fossil fuel infrastructure, or intersectional causes such as the Poor People’s Campaign.

We offer provocative discussions through book studies and forums, and opportunities for people to go deeper in their personal commitment to climate justice.  We gratefully support activists who are able and willing to do more than we.

We feel the word’s pain, but find hope in being a positive force for improving life on Earth.

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To be kept up-to-date on activities and news in our region related to climate justice, ask the Peace & Justice co-chairs to add you to the Climate Justice email discussion list.

Would you like to help or learn more?

Climate Justice is one of the main focuses of the Peace & Justice Committee.  We usually meet on the third Thursday of the month, at 7 p.m. in Rooms 1 & 2. Check the calendar for our next meeting. All are welcome!

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