When our immediate comfort and economic security

is put ahead of the suffering and survival

of some of the poorest and most vulnerable on Earth,

that’s moral wrongdoing on a cosmic scale,and we respond with moral outrage.

                                                          — From the 2016 Congregational Stand on Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most urgent crises facing human civilization.

We engage the community and congregation with opportunities to learn about issues related to climate justice, and to advocate for systemic change.  We grow activists.

We have recently focused primarily on:

  • Working with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy to put an initiative on the November ballot that charges the biggest polluters to fund a just transition to clean energy.
  • Helping people reduce their carbon footprint through a fun, team-based community “competition” called Taming Bigfoot.

We attend protests and rallies, and help ignite the “inner activists” in our congregation to attend with us.  We partner with interfaith organizations and activist groups, such as Faith Action Climate Team, Earth Ministry, and 350.org.  Protests might be those calling for divestment from funding fossil fuel infrastructure, or intersectional causes such as the Poor People’s Campaign.

We offer provocative discussions through book studies and forums, and opportunities for people to go deeper in their personal commitment to climate justice.  We gratefully support activists who are able and willing to do more than we.

We feel the word’s pain, but find hope in being a positive force for improving life on Earth.

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To be kept up-to-date on activities and news in our region related to climate justice, ask the Peace & Justice co-chairs to add you to the Climate Justice email discussion list.

Would you like to help or learn more?

Climate Justice is one of the main focuses of the Peace & Justice Committee.  We usually meet on the third Thursday of the month, at 7 p.m. in Rooms 1 & 2. Check the calendar for our next meeting. All are welcome!

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Climate Justice News

  • Curious about the All Ages Nature Immersion and Creative Gratitude on April 21? April 17, 2024
    Our Earth Day services this year and last year introduced us to the culture of reciprocity, and responsibility to the natural world of which we are a part.  Many of us have read and been inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s teachings in Braiding Sweetgrass.  We feel called to deepen our connection to the more-than-human world.  (In ...
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  • Social Justice Council Advocates for a Ceasefire in the Middle East January 30, 2024
    The Social Justice Council urges EUUC community members to support an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Israel/Palestine to prevent the ongoing inhumane loss of life. Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist values of peace and justice, we join with our faith neighbors in advocating for a just end to this crisis rooted in collective liberation, solidarity, ...
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  • The Lobby Room Re-Opens for Justice in Washington State! December 30, 2023
    The Lobby Room puts our faith into action by helping you support bills that align with our Social Justice Priorities. This is our opportunity to let our legislators know where we stand and help or hinder the progress of bills towards law. Many challenges await the 2024 state legislature’s the short legislative session, which spans ...
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  • The Lobby Room: Our Best Year Yet! April 29, 2023
    Thanks to the congregation, we had a great year in the Lobby Room with over 3100 legislative contacts reported! Some highlights of the legislation are described below. The Lobby Room is a collaboration between EUUC Social Justice Committees, specifically Advocates for Women, Peace & Justice, and Racial Justice. Teams from each committee review the legislative agendas ...
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  • Lobby Room Wraps up with Victories March 27, 2022
    Post-Session Wrap The Lobby Room wrapped up in early March after logging 796 contacts with our state legislators! Many thanks to all who participated. We had some notable successes including: enhancing abortion access, allocating funds for launching a Medicaid-like program for immigrants, and improving the working family tax credit.  In the area of climate, we helped pass ...
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  • Help Us Achieve 100% Clean Energy in Snohomish County School Districts! February 28, 2022
    School electrification can make a big difference in carbon emissions. Not only are school buildings contributing to the 40% of emissions from buildings in Washington State, but diesel school buses also pollute the air inside them and out. Therefore, a focus on decarbonizing schools and student transportation will have the dual benefit of tackling climate ...
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  • Women and Climate Change: Victims and Activists February 15, 2022
    Climate Change is human-driven but not created equally among Nations. Nor does it affect people equitably: the effects are most felt by those nations that participated least in the consumerism and addiction to fossil fuels that has driven Climate Change. Across the world, women and children in poverty suffer most from drought, flooding, unpredictable and ...
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  • EUUC Signs Letters to Biden and Washington State re Fossil Fuels and Electrification February 14, 2022
    This week the Peace & Justice committee voted to add EUUC’s name to two letters: A letter to President Biden demanding that he use his executive authority to stop fossil fuel projects, end oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters, and declare a national climate emergency. Requested by the UUA Side with Love’s Create Climate ...
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  • EUUC Endorses Letters Seeking Climate Action by Local and State Legislators February 9, 2022
    This month the Peace & Justice committee voted to add EUUC’s name as an endorsement to two letters to government officials. One is a letter from the League of Women Voters to the Snohomish County Council, recommending adoption of the proposed new policy on urban tree canopy as a high priority relating to climate change. We ...
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  • How Can a Church Deal with the Climate Crisis? February 9, 2022
    By Stephen Ernst Stephen Jenkinson is a teacher, a student of life, a philosopher, and the founder of the Wisdom School in Ontario Canada. This story, about an experience he had while on a speaking tour to New Zealand two years ago, seems eerily prescient for these times. The flight to Christchurch, a marathon at best, was ...
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