Karam Foundation

January 2018

Muslim teen girl

The Karam Foundation is an American-based charity which is focused on the education of Syrian youth in Syria, Turkey and the United States. They are on a mission to build a better future for Syria, mainly through education for its youth and are focused on reconstructing the education system to ensure sustainability instead of finding short-term solutions that may not be durable.

The conflict in Syria has disrupted the education of more than 670,000 students. The Foundation is working to rebuild schools in Syria, educate Syrian refugee teens in Turkey and work with immigrant families in the US to enable their children to attend school instead of working to help support the family.

Karam House in Renhanli, Turkey is a place where Syrian teens can build their ideas, achieve their goals and reach their full potential with the help of mentors from around the world in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.