Our congregation, the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation, supports members and pledging non-members at times of transitions by making our facilities and staff available for ritual gatherings, like memorial services.

Ritual gatherings mark the important events of our lives, and one of the most important of these rituals is the memorial service, to mark the completion of a person’s life.

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition there is no rush to what happens after the death of a loved one. Memorial services to celebrate the life and mourn the passing of our loved ones can happen any time in the year following the passing of a person.

This guide is intended to support you in planning the service and reception and to familiarize you with church practices.  We encourage you to print and refer to this document as a helpful resource in make memorial plans.

Please start by contacting the Administrator and Minister to secure a date for services.

You can also download our Memorial Package for more information here.