Here you’ll find an archive of both Praxis and Faithful Path, quarterly columns that our ministers Eric Kaminetzky and Cecilia Kingman write respectively, for the EUUC newsletter:


  • Praxis – Gratitude & Apology December 28, 2020
    Writing on the morning of the Winter Solstice, I am filled with gratitude for you, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation folk. Your stubborn good will, your passionate pursuit of your values, your commitment to making our Mission live in the world, and your generosity of spirit, effort, and money, have been bringing this congregational dream come ...
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  • Faithful Path – 12/20 December 28, 2020
    I thought I would be feeling excited as we approached the end of 2020. I thought that turning into this new year would feel like a fresh start. But I find that I am not happy hearted just yet. Yes, our hard work has paid off and we have a new administration set to enter ...
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