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The Mujures de Maiz Opportunity Foundation was begun by a Unitarian Universalist in Sequim, Washington six years ago.  The mission is to partner with and empower indigenous women in a sewing cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico by providing them with access to education.  The goals are to help break the cycle of poverty, build self-esteem, and create positive role models.

Mexican womenSuccess

  • Scholarships – Currently, the organization is providing seventeen scholarships for girls and women spanning from sixth grade to college. The first woman to receive a scholarship six years ago will graduate from university this year.
  • Literacy – A certified literacy program is in its second year.
  • Primary school – Fifty-five primary school children attend Saturday school that stresses academics, literacy in the Maya language, self-esteem, leadership, creativity and recycling. These classes are taught by older scholarship students as part of their community service requirement.
  • Additional Education – Workshops are given on various topics such as gender equity, paper making, and health issues.
  • Health and personal amenities- The program also funds eye exams and glasses, toothbrushes and paste, solar lights, backpacks for primary school children, computer training and laptops for each village in the cooperative.
  • No administrative fees – 100% of donations go to services/scholarships.

The womenYoung village women

The people in the villages are very poor, lacking heat, electricity, running water and plumbing.  They are very appreciative for the help that has been given them.

EUUC Connections

Five EUUC members have now traveled to Chiapas with Foundation board members to see firsthand the progress that has taken place.  Several board members from the Foundation will be visiting EUUC on January 3, 2010.

The Sunday Offering Committee voted last summer to become a sustaining supporter for the Mujeres Foundation.


“Investment in girls’ education may well be the highest return investment available in the developing world.”

Lawrence Summers, Economist and Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama.

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