Youth Choir Makes a Difference!

EUUC choir member Mark Press, elementary music educator for over 30 years states,
“from my personal experience, the study of music improves other academic skills such as math,
language and reasoning”.

Children who play music together display more cooperation and less conflict as singing in a choir
builds self esteem. All children deserve to have positive feelings about themselves, knowing
they are vital, important and appreciated.”

Please consider participating in our EUUC Youth Choir. We welcome all youth ages 6 – 13.
Youth Choir rehearsals are from 6:50 t0 7:20 PM Wednesday evenings and Youth Choir sings one Sunday
per month.

I have personally heard from many of our young adults that their participation in EUUC Youth Choir
made an important difference in their lives and personal development.

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries.