EUUC Budget 2018-2019

This coming year, our budget is projected at about $546,000. Approximately 38% makes up the ministry of the congregation, and 16% to faith development and families. Another 20% to general and administrative costs, 11% to our music programs and 10% to our facilities. We use approximately 5% of our budget in support of the denomination.

Ministers and staff

The majority of our funds go to pay the people who minister to us and help us do the work of the congregation. Rev. Eric Kaminetzky is the lead minister and head of staff for the congregation. The Rev. Cecilia Kingman is our Minister for Faith and Justice. Susan Senft is our Congregational Administrator and Judith St. Hilaire is her assistant. Wil Sederholm is our Music Director and he works with our Pianist, Tomoko Maki. Cass Bunting is our faith development assistant, working with Rev. Cecilia. We have some paid teachers in our Faith Development program and we contract for custodial services and buildings and grounds work.

For a  more detailed look into the budget of the congregation, we hope you will talk to a member of the Board of Trustees or come to one of the meetings we arrange for you to review the budget in April. Watch This Week at EUUC for information on those dates.