Who pledges to EUUC?

Download and read “Your Pledge to Expand our Ministry”.

All members of our congregation make a financial commitment through an annual pledge to EUUC. Folks who are not yet members are welcome to pledge as well. It is through the annual pledging that the Board and the congregation can plan and vote on our annual budget. This annual pledge is the core of our financial stewardship. When we fulfill our pledges we pay for our important ministry, we build our faith, and we make it possible for all that we do to become. We express our values in our spending through fair wages and benefits, compost and recycling services, and fair trade organic coffee on Sunday mornings. We manage our accounts at a local community bank. EUUC is a reflection of all those who support it in all kinds of ways!

EUUC – Living Our Vision

In early spring of 2018 we will make our commitments for the 2019 fiscal year (which extends from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019). We’re launching the pledge campaign in our March 11th service where we will be asking each other some important questions about who we are and what we might become as a congregation. And we’ll submit each others’ answers with our pledges. If you miss the service, please let us know and we’ll be sure you can ask and answer those questions too! And make your pledge.

The conversations we’ll have with each other will help the Living Our Vision Task Force set the stage for us to make decisions about what we can become in the coming decade.

EUUC’s Social Justice Fund is a separate pledge.

Social justice is at the heart of EUUC’s identity. We have a separate fund is overseen by the Social Justice Council. The funds pledged to the Social Justice Fund are distributed to three social justice committees: Social Concerns, Peace and Justice (including Racial Justice Workgroup), and Advocates for Women. The fund is used to educate, amplify our hands-on work, and donate to organizations doing work consistend with our Unitarian Universalist values. Learn more about how the Social Justice Fund is changing the world.

Pledge forms

Submit an online pledge form or a printable pledge form (PDF).

How do I pay my pledge?

Bill Payer

One of the easiest and most convenient methods of paying your pledge is through your bank’s free bill payer program which you may already be using to pay loans, utility bills, and other regular monthly commitments. Just sign up to make a monthly payment to the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Many of us find it convenient to have our banks automatically send the payment to EUUC through the EFT program used by the church.


You can put a check in the Sunday Offering or mail it to the church office. Many people pay their pledges monthly, and others pay quarterly. Be sure to write “pledge” on the memo line of your check.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Treasurer.