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How to post an annual report

Follow these instructions to post annual reports to the Publications section of the website.

  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Select Save As and choose PDF.
  3. Enter a file name in this format: YYYY-YYYY_Annual_Report.pdf
  4. Select the button for a minimum file size as shown below.

Word Save As PDF menu

  1. Click Save.
  2. Open your browser and go to  ( bad link – should be replaced when policy is rewritten)
  3. Scroll down and log into WebYep. The top of the page looks like this.

WebYep table loop

  1. In the top row click the plus icon to open a new row. Now there is a new row between what was the first and second rows as shown below.

new row in a WebYep table

  1. In the new row click the pencil icon next to Fiscal Year and enter the beginning and ending years for the annual report.
  2. In the new row click the up arrow to move this row up one level.
  3. Click the pencil next to Document and click Choose File.
  4. Navigate to the saved PDF on your computer and select the file in the window as shown below.

Choose the file from your computer

  1. Click Open. Now you are back at the WebYep menu.
  2. Click Send File as shown below.

WebYep send file menu

  1. You now see the Web page with the file name showing as a link. Scroll down to the bottom and log out of WebYep.