gays and lesbians in love

Over 53% of voters approved marriage equality for same sex couples

Members of EUUC threw their passion into getting Referendum 74 approved. Why? We believe that everyone deserves equal rights. We believe that marriage is a union of two loving committed adults. We believe that denying marriage based on sexual orientation is an attempt to steal dignity from a minority of our citizens. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. We believe in justice and equality in human relations. We believe it is time.

We must do more

We helped bring marriage equality to queer couples in Washington state—we accomplished a lot. Yet, it is not enough.

We need to break down prejudices and continue to bring people over to the side of love, respect, and equality. We cannot let the opposition return with an attempt to redefine marriage with a hurtful unjust law. Each of us can take small steps to make a difference.

Our work in support of Referendum 74

Marriage licences and weddings

King County began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples at 12:01 a.m. on December 6, 2012—making the King County Administration building the happiest place on earth. EUUC members were downtown volunteering to help King County with the lines of gay and lesbian couples waiting for their turns to receive marriage licenses. Liz Jones of KUOW described King County’s preparations in “Countdown to Marriage Licenses” and showed us the celebratory atmosphere as they issued the first marriage licenses in “Gay Marriage Now Legal in Washington”.

The first gay and lesbian weddings in Washington happened on Sunday, December 9, and Ellen Daffron went downtown to Seattle City Hall. She told Liz Jones of KUOW, “I wanted to be part of this celebration. I wanted to be witness to the front-edge of history being made in our city and our state.” Read or listen to Liz’s story in “Married at Last”.


Marriage equality begins in Washington on December 6, 2012 because Referendum 74 won by 7.4%!

We called voters, canvassed, and waved signs

EUUC provided one of the largest sources of phone bankers at the Shoreline office of Washington United for Marriage. Twenty of us spent hundreds of hours making phone calls, canvassing, and waving signs. Many more EUUC members baked and brought food to the volunteers and staff at the Shoreline office.

When someone witnessed the opposition waving their red Reject signs in our area, the For 74 Task Team brought our green Approve Referendum 74 signs and large banner to meet their hurtfulness with our stand in favor of love, compassion, dignity, and equality.

We marched in the Seattle Pride Parade and helped staffed the Unitarian Universalist booth at the Pride Festival.

Walking billboards and more

Together we showed people around us that supporters of marriage equality are their co-workers, friends, neighbors, and relatives. We bought and wore t-shirts and buttons declaring, People of Faith Support Referendum 74. We purchased yard signs and placed them prominently in our front yards. We took personal stands by declaring our support of marriage equality.

Drew Emery’s film, Inlaws and Outlaws
Discussion led by Drew Emery

Drew Emery came to our showing of his film, Inlaws and Outlaws, in which eleven couples talk about their marriages or partnerships. We saw that love is the same whether the couple is gay, lesbian, or straight. Yet, we also witnessed how much pain is created by societal pressure to deny natural love. Afterwards, Drew brought us up to date on the lives of a few of the people in the film, and he answered questions.

Signing your support

Well over 100 people have signed the banner, People of Faith Approve Referendum 74, which now hangs in Chapman Hall above the Standing on the Side of Love banner.

For 74 Task Team

The Board of Trustees formed the For 74 Task Team to coordinate our efforts in getting Referendum 74 approved by Washington state voters. Officially, Pam Iverson headed the team, but Craig and Susan Cyr stepped up and organized many of our activities. Kudos to all of them for their leadership.