Easiest way to unsubscribe

The easiest way to unsubscribe from an email list is to look for the Unsubscribe Automatically link at the bottom of a list mailing. The link only works for a short time, so find a recent mailing and click on that link. When you click the unsubscribe link, you do not need to log in with your email address and password.

Log in to your profile

By logging into your profile, you will be able to unsubscribe from any of yor lists. Go to http://communicate.euuc.org/dada/mail.cgi/profile/

Once you are logged into your profile page, you will see all of the email lists you are subscribed to with the email address you entered. Find the list you want to leave, and follow the link to unsubscribe.

Can’t remember your password?

If you do not remember your password which is required for logging in, scroll down to the bottom of the profile login page where you will be able to reset your password.