Volunteer from home

Volunteers who can complete their work at home should strive to work off-site as much as possible until distancing restrictions are lifted.

Volunteer on EUUC premises

Volunteers who need to enter the EUUC building should schedule their on-site visit with the Congregational Administrator. This applies to all volunteers, even those with keys to the building. Gatherings of volunteers in the building is not permitted under phase 2.
Individuals conducting work outside the building in teams should follow the guidance for Outdoor Gatherings.
Individuals conducting work outside the building alone should follow general COVID-19 precautions recommended by Washington state and Snohomish County (see below).

Symptom monitoring and Sign-In

All Individuals, including volunteers visiting the site (indoors or outdoors) will perform wellness self-checks prior to arriving on site. A fever of over 100*F, respiratory symptoms, or new loss of taste or sense of smell are benchmarks for staying off site.

A sign in log for non-employees will be maintained at the north entry of the site (at the Welcome Desk). All individuals are required to sign in and out of the building, noting arrival times and dates. By signing in, they are attesting that they do not have any of the symptoms described above.


All individuals will maintain at least a 6 foot separation while on-site (in the building or outdoors). In the building, all individuals will wear masks at all times unless they are alone in a fully enclosed office space. Outdoor masking is required for teams (see Outdoor gatherings) and for any situation where a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained.
One person at a time can occupy a restroom in the building.


All individuals are required to wear a mask when on site unless they are alone in a room with a closed door.
Personal face coverings will meet State minimum requirements and must be properly worn, covering the chin, mouth, and nose.
Volunteers should provide their own surgical or cloth masks. Bandanas should not be used as they are much less effective.
Visit https://coronavirus.wa.gov/information-for/you-and-your-family/face-masks-or-cloth-face-covering for additional information.


Volunteers are recommended to take meal breaks outdoors or in their cars. If it is necessary to eat in the building, the Congregational Administrator will determine which rooms should be used. The staff has requested that you do not use the Friarplace.

Please do not share a room with others. It is recommended that people use their own dishes when possible. Please clean as you go.


Sanitizing wipes or sprays will be placed in multiple locations. Individuals should “clean as they go”.
For bathroom areas, “clean as you go” shall include sanitizing of high-touch surfaces, including door knobs and handles, using effective cleaning methods.
If kitchens are used, their high touch areas should also be sanitized.
Copy machine – use wipes to sanitize key pad, etc after use.
These protocols apply to when employees and approved volunteers or other individuals are using the building. Additional protocols will be required when occupancy increases.


All individuals will follow best practices in regards to use of hand sanitizer and regular hand washing. Hand sanitizer requires a 30 second wet time to be effective. Handwashing requires 20 seconds with plenty of soap and water. Individuals should avoid touching their face. Hand sanitizer will be provided in numerous locations (entrances, etc.) for use.

Communications and Signage

Signage communicating masking and distancing requirements will be clearly posted at entrances to buildings and in outdoor areas that are subject to use. Hand washing technique informational signage will be included inside all bathrooms or other hand washing areas.
Volunteers will be provided information about COVID signs and symptoms as well as access to common prevention and mitigation information. Volunteers will also be provided updated information as it becomes available.

Incident Reporting

All individuals will report COVID or COVID-like symptoms to the Congregational Administrator if experienced within 14 days of being on site.

Exposure Response Procedures

Anyone who visits EUUC and later tests positive for COVID-19, exhibits symptoms of or has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 (15 min contact at less than 6 feet) within 14 days of being on site will report the incident to the Congregational Administrator.
The person will refrain from visiting the site in such cases for a period of 14 symptom-free days.
All individuals who had been on site concurrently will be notified of such incidents by the Congregational Administrator within 24 hours. It will be the policy of EUUC to keep the identities of infected persons strictly confidential.
The Congregational Administrator will assist local authorities in contact tracing.

Post Exposure Recovery Plan

When an individual who was on site is confirmed to have COVID-19:
If it has been 7 days or more since the sick person used the facility, additional cleaning and disinfection is not necessary according to CDC. Continue routinely cleaning and disinfecting all high-touch surfaces in the facility.
if it has been less than 7 days since they were on-site, a thorough cleaning of all high contact surfaces should be completed prior to any additional activity. Special attention will be given to the affected work areas of the confirmed/suspected individual. Alternatively, the affected area can be closed for one week after the individual was on-site.