Volunteers at the Welcome Desk serve three primary goals.

Welcoming visitors

Please make visitors feel welcome and provide them with information about our denomination and congregation.

Collecting contact information

We ask you to collect information from visitors, so they can be contacted. The minister sends them a welcome letter and they are called by a Membership Committee member to see if they have questions or need more information.  We need contact information so we can invite them to our membership classes, UU 101 and UU 102.

Encourage visitors to check the box on the Guest Registry form that will allow us to begin sending them EUUC’s monthly newsletter, The CommUUnicator.  If they’d like to receive the weekly bulletin by e-mail, there is a paper in the welcome packet with instructions.

Tracking how often visitors return

This information is used to determine who to invite to UU 101 & UU 102. Also, if a visitor has come regularly for months, but hasn’t yet joined, the Membership Chair will create a yellow name tag for them.

Before the service

  1. Arrive 30 minutes prior to the service and set up the Welcome Desk.  Put on a hospitality badge along with your regular nametag. Hospitality badges are in the welcome desk.
  2. Set out the rows of temporary nametags, nametag return basket, blank nametags for first time visitors, and the wooden box containing info for visitors. Note that a pre-printed sheet of recent visitors’ names has been placed on the welcome desk.
  3. If there are nametags left in the nametag return basket from the previous Sunday, write their names on the pre-printed sheet of visitors’ names, with a note that they attended the previous Sunday.
  4. When 1st time visitors arrive:
    • Welcome them.
    • Make a nametag with both their first and last names. Instruct them to drop their nametag in the basket on their way out, so it will be available when they return in the future.
    • Request they fill out a Guest Registry form. Then give them the welcome packet (in the plasticized envelopes) of info about EUUC.
    • If they have children, introduce them to the Families and Faith Development volunteer.
  5. When returning visitors arrive:
    • Welcome them.
    • Help them find their nametags, if needed.  Introduce yourself, if you’ve never met them.
  6. If they are a one-time visitor (for example, an EUUC member’s mother from out of town), make them a stick-on nametag for single use.

After the service

  • One Welcome Desk person returns to the Welcome Desk.  As visitors return their nametags, check off their names on the pre-printed list of visitors, if not previously checked.
  • The 2nd welcome desk person seeks out visitors and socializes with them.  Learn more about them. Ask if they have any questions about EUUC. Introduce them to members, especially members who may share common interests. Remind visitors to drop their nametags off in the basket at the Welcome Desk on their way out.
  • Place the completed pre-printed visitors list and the completed Guest Registry Forms in the manila envelope provided; write the current date on the envelope. Put the envelope in the box on the Congregational Administrator’s door, or give it to Judith, our Office Assistant.

If visitors ask about Unitarian Universalism

You can direct visitors to several sources of information on Unitarian Universalism.

Order of Service

The 7 principles and 6 sources are printed on the back of our Order of Service.

Pamphlet rack

Show them the pamphlet rack across from the welcome desk.

uua.org or euuc.org/beliefs

Refer them to the Unitarian Universalist Association website: uua.org. Also, the Beliefs section of our website: euuc.org/beliefs

Membership classes

UU 101 teaches about Unitarian Universalism.

UU 102 teaches about our congregation.

They are each 2 hour classes, taught after the 11 am service, and include lunch.  Generally speaking, UU 101 & 102 are taught alternating months, throughout the year, excluding summers. If they tell you they want to sign up for the classes, make a note by their name on the pre-printed visitors list or provide the contact info for Lynn Carpenter or Nancy Gladow, Membership Co-Chairs. There is also an online registration form on our website.