During this crisis, we may find ourselves feeling helpless, or wondering what we can do to help people in our community and otherwise. Below you’ll find some ideas on what each of us can do.

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“How to Help” Action Items

EUUC’s Social Justice Council has been adding action items to the This Week at EUUC newsletter every week, in order to help point people towards good activities or causes to engage with.

Examples of action items include:

Ask Washington State to Help Undocumented Workers and Their Families

Undocumented immigrants and their families were completely excluded from the $2 trillion relief package Congress passed last month and are not eligible for unemployment insurance, even though providing economic stability to all workers is essential to ending this public health crisis. Contact your legislators and Governor Inslee for immediate action to provide emergency relief to undocumented families by:

  • Creating a Washington Worker Relief Fund that provides economic assistance to undocumented Washingtonians
  • Creating a permanent system that gives undocumented immigrants access to unemployment insurance

The Faith Action Network provides an email to your legislators, which you can copy to email Governor Inslee.

Press Flowers for Homemade Cards

Learn how to make pressed flowers! Put them on cards to send to your friends and relatives who you cannot visit nowadays, or other people you want to support. You might also want to try these easy pressed flower tattoos, starting with something simple!

Protect SNAP in COVID-19 Relief – from the Faith Action Network

As conversation begins for the 4th federal relief package, we need your voice to urge your members of Congress to prioritize funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Ask that they ensure the SNAP program is strengthened to address food insecurity and hunger due to COVID-19, by including these four things:

  • Increase the maximum SNAP benefit by 15%
  • Increase the minimum SNAP benefit from $16 to $30
  • Suspend the Administration’s rule changes that would terminate or cut benefits
  • Temporarily suspend the SNAP rule requiring eligible students to work 20 hours per week to receive benefits. (added 5/5/2020)

Create Smiles by Painting Rocks

Paint small rocks with fun pictures and caring words. Place the rocks in places in your community for people to see and take home.

Solidarity Actions, from the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

Hunger Response, from the Faith Action Network