March 3, 2024This Week at EUUC

Sunday Services

Join us at EUUC for In-Person Worship OR at for the Live-Stream

March 10, 2024


By Melanie DeMore & Intern Minister Martha Durkee-Neuman

ONE SERVICE @ 10 a.m.

On-Site in Chapman Hall and
Live-Streamed at,
and the EUUC YouTube Channel

All Ages Service

This is an All-Ages Service. Families are welcome to enjoy the Sunday Service in Chapman Hall. There is no programming for Children’s Religious Exploration this Sunday. The Toddler Room will be open. Family seating is on the left side of the sanctuary. 

In-Person Coffee Hour will be held today.


March 17, 2024

Let Us Work Together: Lessons Learned from Indigenous Women’s Leadership”

By Melanie DeMore & Intern Minister Martha Durkee-Neuman

ONE SERVICE @ 10 a.m.

On-Site in Chapman Hall and
Live-Streamed at,
and the EUUC YouTube Channel

RE Classes

Children begin in Chapman Hall, seated with their families during the first part of the service, then leave to gather in the Narthex before heading to the Religious Exploration classrooms. The Toddler Room will be open. Family seating is on the left side of the sanctuary.

In-Person Coffee Hour will be held today.


  • Sundays at 10 a.m. Sunday service live in Chapman Hall and live-streamed on, or on YouTube. Subscribe to EUUC Youtube and hit the bell for a notification when we are live.
  • Immediately following the service, Coffee, Community, and Conversation on site.

Please also check your email for announcements two (2) hours prior to the Sunday service event for streaming links.

Putting Love at the Center – Annual Pledge Campaign

2024 pledge campaignOur annual pledge campaign is underway! We have launched a new approach – Holistic Stewardship, which aims to engage and connect us in meaningful support of our congregation through contributions of both service and money. This year we are pledging our availability for service as well as our financial commitments.

Please return your pledge forms (or fill them out on our website at as soon as you can, and reach out to Claire Catania, Rachel Maxwell, or Kathleen Bennett for more information. Let’s put LOVE at the center as we join together to make this community happen!

Sunday Offering Committee Thanks You

Thank you from the Sunday Offering Committee for your monthly donations to our Charities of the Month. The Congregation should be proud, for last year we donated just under $20,000 to 11 different charities. We are promoting our mission of “…Living Our Vision of a Just and Sustainable World.” You can nominate charities that you believe we should support by going to, going to the social justice tab and clicking “Nominate a Recipient for the Sunday Offering”.

Gathering Safely Together 

A friendly reminder from the Covid Advisory Team: To keep our community safe, we ask that you follow these precautions when you attend on-site:

  • If you are diagnosed with COVID within 3 days of your attendance, inform the group leader and email the COVID Advisory Team immediately. Other attendees can then be notified of a potential exposure.
  • Please stay home if you have any COVID symptoms, recently were diagnosed with COVID, or recently had a high risk exposure event Click here for details. Due to the large number of persons at high risk of COVID complications in our congregation, our guidelines have not changed with recent CDC recommendations,
  • Up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination is required for everybody who is eligible.
  • Sign in if requested by group leaders. This allows us to notify you of potential exposures.
  • If requested, please wear a well-fitting mask (preferably N95, KN95 or KF94)

Watch A Previous Service

You can watch one of our latest Sunday sermons on, or on YouTube.

March 3 Sunday Service Links

by Rev. Eric Kaminetzky & Intern Minister Martha Durkee-Neuman on, or the EUUC YouTube Channel.


Melanie DeMore Weekend at EUUC

Friday, March 8 to Sunday, March 10

Melanie DeMore is a three-time Grammy-nominated singer/composer, choral conductor, music director, and vocal activist who believes in the power of voices raised together. In her presentations, DeMore beautifully brings her participants together through her music and commentary. DeMore facilitates vocal and stick-pounding workshops for professional choirs and community groups, as well as directing numerous choral organizations across the U.S, Canada, and beyond. She is a charter member of Threshold Choirs, founded by Kate Munger, and conducts song circles with an emphasis on the voice as a vessel for healing. In her own words: “A song can hold you up when there seems to be no ground beneath you.”

Please help us plan by sending us an RSVP.

Writing Postcards to Georgia and Virginia Voters

Sundays in March starting Sunday, March 10 from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Come to the Friarplace Sundays in March at 11:15 a.m. and join the EUUC Democracy Action Team to write postcards to BIPOC voters in Virginia and Georgia. We will begin writing postcards on March 10. All materials, except for colored pens, will be provided by the Democracy Action Team. We hope to see you there!

Second Tuesday TED Talk

Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m.

Join Rev. Eric Kaminetzky for the final second Tuesday TED Talk of this season on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 7 p.m. on Zoom and in the Friarplace. We will be viewing a piece by Psychologist Angela Duckworth on the Paramecium Principle. Please RSVP at “Registration for Adult Enrichment and Classes and Covenant Groups” page through the “Gathering Together” tab on our website. You can register to attend via Zoom on in person.

Multigenerational Service Project for Women’s Health!

Saturday, March 16 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Come celebrate Women’s History Month at EUUC with a multigenerational service project opportunity! This event is open to children, families, and grown-ups. We will gather together to assemble packages of women’s health supplies for unhoused members of our community. We will also learn together about the importance of justice and equity in women’s health! See you on Saturday, March 16 from 2 to 4 p.m.

LET US WORK TOGETHER: Lessons Learned from Indigenous Women’s Leadership

Sunday, March 17 at 10 a.m.

Honoring International Women’s Day. Join Advocates for Women (A4W) at this special service on Sunday, March 17, to learn about the history of International Women’s Day, as well as the important role played by indigenous women in social justice work around the world. The sermon will be presented by Intern Minister Martha Durkee Neumann. Special music will be by the B# Trio. This is part of A4W’s year-long focus on indigenous women and the issues they face.

Backyard Garden Party: EUUC Auction

Sunday, April 28 2024

We’re pleased to announce the theme of this year’s auction is “Backyard Garden Party.” The auction will be much like last year with a live auction lunch party preceded by an online auction. Mark your calendars for the afternoon of Sunday, April 28 and plan to join the fun. More info to come. Questions? Fill out the form to email Nancy Gladow, Auction Chair here.
Auction committee: Tara Campbell, Barbara Ford, Dan Ford, Barbara Purn.

Save the Date – Congregational Meeting

Sunday, May 5 from 2 to 3 p.m.

Our EUUC Congregational Meeting date has been set for Sunday, May 5 from 2 to 3 p.m. in-person in Chapman Hall and online via Zoom. Members will be voting on the 2024 budget, and nominees for vacancies on the Board, Endowment and Nominating Committees. We need a quorum so please plan to attend either way!


Arms Around Contacts for Winter & Spring

March:         Karen Ernst
April:            Patty House
May:            Merrie Emmons
June:           Cate Callahan

To facilitate pastoral services among members, this committee connects members with needs to the Minister, or to members who can help. Examples of services include transportation, meals, child care, hospital and home visits, minor home maintenance or repairs, companionship, support during crises, and bereavement support. Reach Arms Around

March Cause of the month – Unicorn Family Guild

Unicorn Family Guild is the Sunday cause of the month for March. The Unicorn Family Guild was formed by a group of individuals, each touched by their own experiences and advocacy, to provide support and resources for families with trans children. They are inspired by personal experiences with gender diversity, and their passion for Seattle Children’s mission to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

They chose the Unicorn because it is a symbol of beauty, transformation and strength. The Guild is passionate about supporting Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic and gender diverse youth and their families. The funds they raise support the greatest needs of the clinic, which includes research, outreach, and clinic growth. Just as importantly, the Guild’s events and membership raise awareness and build community.

Unicorn Family Guild’s mission also provides resources for those families fleeing their home states to seek and to be able to continue gender affirming care for their youth. They are increasingly arriving to Washington State, as our legislative body has worked to put protections in place for those families and their care teams.

Our funds will be used to support families with out of pocket costs associated with gender affirming care that would otherwise be out of reach for some families seeking gender affirming care for their youth.

This organization was nominated by Amanda Palmer-Schafer.

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

If you have an organization that you wish to nominate for Sunday cause of the month, we invite you to fill out the online Sunday Cause nomination form.

How to Reserve Rooms for Meetings at EUUC

If you are interested in having your group gather inside and/or outside, or via Zoom please submit a room request using this form. If possible please make request at least ten days prior to event, as several teams at EUUC will need to review your request before the room can be booked. You will need fill out the publicity request announcement form for the event separately.

Submit Your Announcement for This Week at EUUC

Deadline for submission of announcements for This Week at EUUC is midnight Monday. Please use the online submission form.