There are three types for volunteers each Sunday:

Welcome Desk

The Welcome Desk volunteers have three primary goals:

  • welcoming visitors
  • collecting contact information
  • tracking how often visitors return

Welcome Desk Instructions


Ushers have multiple roles:

  • prepare Chapman Hall for the service(s),
  • pass out the Orders of Service,
  • maintain order during the service as needed,
  • collect and count the offering and
  • cleanup Chapman Hall after the service.

Usher Instructions


Greeters assist the Ushers, welcome the people as they enter for the service, identify visitors and direct them to the Welcome Desk

Greeter Instructions

Social Justice Desk

What you will need to do on Sunday:

Look in the top right drawer of the Social Justice Desk for the instruction binder. Information from the “Social Justice Quick Check for SJ Desk Volunteers” document is on the cover of the binder. A copy of the “Social Justice Overview for SJ Desk Volunteers” is included in the instruction binder.

Thank you for volunteering!  If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Gillis.