Running the church

From the moment you turn into our driveway on a Sunday morning you will notice the work of volunteers that keep our church running seamlessly. The trimmed lawn, the friendly greeters at the doors, the hot shade-grown coffee, and the speakers softly playing sermons are all run and supported by fantastic volunteers.

One of the easiest ways to get to know people at EUUC is to help with the operations. Scan the list of committees, and if one of them sounds enjoyable, contact them using the email links to learn more about what they do and how your talents could contribute to their work.

Arms Around

This team reaches out and provides temporary help to members of our community. They can provide dinners while someone recovers from a physical ailment, transportation to doctor appointments, and more.

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Art Show

The Northwest Artists’ Holiday Show brings our community together as nearly every member and friend assists with this event. We remove everything from wall hangings to furniture from most of the church to make room for local artists who set up booths and sell their hand crafted items. The Art Show brings us together and mixes up our usual volunteer groups which strengthens our community.

Members contribute by preparing the church, making appetizers  to serve, staffing the Art Show, putting the church back together, and bringing friends and neighbors in to shop.

The two-day fundraiser is on the first weekend in November, just in time for early holiday shopping. The wares are not typical church bazaar items made by members.

Professional artists set up booths in Chapman Hall, the Narthex, the Atrium, and all the classrooms, except the Toddler room where free child care is provided. Before the art show all the furniture and wall hangings are miraculously tucked away in closets and The Friarplace. Nearly every member and friend helps by directing traffic as shoppers arrive, operating shuttles to and from offsite parking, and preparing delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Learn more about the Art Show.

Contact the Art Show


Every Spring members and friends gather for a dinner, silent auction and live auction.   Among the many silent auction items might be handmade desserts, jewelry, and art. Members also offer to host events as diverse as a gourmet dinner party and a guided hike to see mountain wildflowers.

Each of us has talents, knowledge, tools, and possessions that can generate auction items. Gourmet cooks bake desserts or offer dinner parties. Those endowed with repair skills and strength offer a few hours of weed pulling, hauling, or handyman services. People donate sunset cruises on Puget Sound and weekends in beach cabins. Gifted crafters knit scarves and bead necklaces. Members share their expertise by donating a few hours of computer help, bird watching tours, and lessons. People join together to host events, such as movie nights and parties. Each auction item is made valuable by the talents, treasure, and time that our friends in the EUUC community gave for their donation.

The other side of this fundraiser is attending the Auction—enjoy the social occasion and purchase those dinners, scarves, and services.

Learn more about the Auction and donation ideas.

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Bulletin Boards

The Bulletin Boards team design and maintain our bulletin boards.

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The Canvass Committee plans and carries out the annual pledge drive, including Pledge Sunday and other special gatherings and communications.

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Covenant Groups

This team oversees the covenant groups, trains new facilitators, and helps form new groups.

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The e-News is an email list which we use to send the weekly bulletin, This Week at EUUC, and to send a link to the new issue of The CommUUnicator each month. A few times a year we also send urgent announcements to this list, such as alerting people that the church will be closed due to snow.

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The Facebook team keeps us up-to-date on events through our Facebook page.

Contact the Facebook Coordinator


Just like at home, faucets occasionally drip, walls need to be painted, the roof leaks, and nail holes need to be filled. A continuous stream of small jobs keep the Facilities Committee busy. Fortunately, many people generously volunteer their time to help. If you are interested in helping to maintain the buildings, please tell the committee chair what types of work you would like to do.

Contact Facilities

Families and Faith Development

This program offers classes for toddlers and up through youth. Our Minister for Families and Faith Development, Rev. Cecilia Kingman, relies on a teaching staff plan and implement programming for various age groups and to teach the classes. Volunteers help in the classes and elsewhere in the program.

Director: Email the Minister for Families and Faith Development
Infant to Grade 8: Email the Family Ministry Team
Grade 9: Email the Coming of Age teachers
Grades 10 – 12: Email the Youth Advisors


This important committee develops the budget and oversees the income generating efforts, such as fundraising activities.

Contact Finance


The Membership Committee helps visitors become acquainted with our comunity and helps them find a place to participate in the congregation.

Contact Membership


This committee researches material for the Memorial Album which commemorates members who are deceased.

Contact Memorial


The Music Committee brings outstanding performances to EUUC through the Friday Evening Concert Series. They support talented musicians within the congregation in performing during Sunday services and at special events.

Contact the Music Director
Contact the Music Committee


The Newsletter Committee gathers news and creates The CommUUnicator which is distributed to members and friends of EUUC. The editor and proofreaders work together to create this popular source of what’s happening in our community.

Contact the Newsletter Editor


The Nominating Committee recruits and nominates people to fill openings on the Board, Endowment Committee, Canvass Committee, and Nominating Committee.

Contact the Nominating Committee


The Rentals Manager oversees rentals of space and property owned by the congregation.

Enquiries about an existing rental: Rentals Manager
Enquiries about a new rental: Congregational Administrator

Rummage Sale

A win-win for members and the church

The first weekend of April when the clouds are shedding raindrops, we cull our bookshelves of titles we are ready to part with. After donating used books to the Library book sale, we happily browse the hundreds of selections donated by others.

During the latter half of April, we turn to those over stuffed closets. We sort through long held housewares, clothes, tools, and more and pull out clean usable items for the Rummage Sale. Many of us set items aside throughout the year.

This annual event began decades ago as a way that our community could reuse items that still had useful lives but that needed new homes.

Our annual recycling event is usually the first Friday and Saturday in May. Members clean out their closets, attics, and garages, and bring their treasures to the church as soon as the collection period begins in late April. We welcome clean, usable clothing, linens, household items, small appliances, small pieces of furniture, jewelry, sports equipment, pictures, toys, and books. The Kitchen Café appreciates receiving donated baked treats, and the plant shop needs potted plants to sell. Learn more.

Contact the Rummage Sale


For one weekend in September many in our congregation visit Seabeck for a relaxing weekend spent chatting with friends and getting to know others a bit better. This retreat is popular with adults who do not have children at home as well as families with children.

Contact Seabeck


The Sound team operate the sound system during Sunday services and special programs in Chapman Hall. They record the services so people can listen  later, if they miss a Sunday.

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Summer Campout

One weekend over the summer many families stay in a group campsite not far away. They enjoy hiking, chatting, playing games, and roasting marshmallows together.

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Web Team

The purpose of our Web Team is to support the mission of EUUC by providing a public view of the church. They  facilitate communication within our community, aide church functions through online technology, and help potential newcomers develop a sense of our religion, our values, and our community

The Web Team creates and manages the website. Are you interested in the technical side of developing web pages? Do you enjoy taking professional photos? Is promotional writing your passion? Have you created documentative or promotional videos? Do you prefer to work from home? Do you want to avoid committee meetings? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you might enjoy being part of the Web Team.

Contact the Web Manager

Worship Associates

Each Worship Associate works with the minister, the staff and other Worship Associates to plan and conduct the church services. They participate in worship in a variety of ways, including delivering an Invocation or Call to Worship, lighting the chalice, introducing the Silent Meditation, offering a short personal reflection, giving a brief homily about the service topic, leading a responsive reading, reading the words of others, helping to lead special services, and hosting visiting preachers and guest speakers. If you would like to join the Worship Associates, please fill out an application.

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