August 12, 2020

This Week at EUUC


August 16, 2020

ONE ONLINE SERVICE @ 10 a.m. live-streamed on the EUUC Facebook page

“How To Stop Doomscrolling and Reduce Anxiety: Advice Your Minister Needs to Take Herself” by Rev. Cecilia Kingman 

Sunday programs for Children and Youth are on Summer Hiatus.

  August 23, 2020

ONE ONLINE SERVICE @ 10 a.m. live-streamed on the EUUC Facebook page

“Turning The Corner” by Rev. Eric Kaminetzky

Sunday programs for Children and Youth are on Summer Hiatus.


Happening This Week

As sheltering in place settles in you may be finding your need to connect getting stronger. Your staff and leaders are here for you for that. We are offering a number of ways we can be together without you having to leave your place. Please also check your emails for announcements two (2) hours prior to the event.

  • Monday’s Chalice Lighting & Check-In is taking time off for the summer
  • Friday’s  Reflection Gathering is taking time off for the summer 

How to Access Live-Streaming on Facebook

To access live streaming of Sunday services or other meetings hosted on the EUUC Facebook page, you do not need a Facebook account. Anyone can watch and listen. For those unfamiliar with Facebook, here is how to access the EUUC on-line services.

  1. Open your web browser and type in the web address or click on that same address in our Sunday Service email which you will receive around 8 a.m. (2 hours before the 10 a.m. Sunday Service)
  2. Scroll down our Facebook page. If you see a pop-up window asking you to Log In or Create New Account, click on Not Now just below “Create New Account
  3. Our Sunday service is often near the top of the EUUC Facebook page. You will usually see someone who looks like a minister, either Cecilia, Eric, or a guest speaker. Click on that video. You should be able to adjust the size of the picture and the volume by using the icons (little symbols) on one of the corners of the picture.

Watch Last Sunday’s Sermon!

If you would like watch one of our latest Sunday sermons again, you now have the opportunity to watch it by clicking here.

Did you know you can access your record in Breeze?  Some additions to your profile are now available.

All our members can access their own Breeze record in our database and make changes to their profile.  Some of you have already set up your accounts. If you haven’t, that is easily accomplished. Just let us know (Administrator) and we can help you get started.  We have added non-binary to the gender section, and you may also list your pronouns.  (8/12)

From Your Racial Justice Committee

Actions for this week (placed 8/12/)

Listen to members of our community discuss being Black in Edmonds.  (More discussions planned.)

See in conversation Robin diAngelo (White Fragility) and Ibram X. Kendi (How to be an Anti-Racist) on August 20.  Note: this is also a fund-raiser for the National Conflict Resolution Center, but it is free to sign up.

Learn about educational justice. Free e-book available until August 31.

Watch this play, “Finish the Fight,” about diverse voices in the women’s suffrage movement on August 18.

Come join the daily protests (12-1) at 100th Ave SW and Hwy 104. Bring your signs and a mask.

Annual Reports are due

If you are a Committee Chair, then your Anuual Report is now due.  Some people have submitted their reports, but we are still waiting on the bulk of them. Please try to have your report submitted to the office by August 19.  Thank you.

The EUUC premises are still closed

If you need to go into the building for emergency reasons (like cleaning out the refrigerator), please contact the office with your request.  Please enter through the main doors unless you are an employee.  There is a sign-in sheet on the welcome desk, along with hand sanitizer and masks.  You must wear a mask at all times when you are in the building.  Employees enter through the south entrance. Employee sign in, sanitizer and masks are on the shelf just past the Minister’s office.

Due to the current health care crisis, the EUUC building is closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please stay home and take good care of yourself. Sunday services are streamed online on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. from our EUUC Facebook page until further notice. We love you!

Yard Cleanup at EUUC in family teams

We are looking for some crews of people to help with yard cleanup at EUUC.  Even in COVID times those plants keep growing!  Along with people to come in family crews, we need someone to offer scheduling and pass out tasks.  Our Facilities Manager has given us a starter list of outdoor chores:

Areas that could use attention:

  1. The toddlers playground.  Can be weeded, and cleaned up.
  2. The big playground needs the same.
  3. The raspberry patch needs to be cleaned up as the morning glory and black berries are winning the contest.
  4. The Pea Patch should be cleaned up.  It is a bit of a mess and seems to have turned into a morning glory nursery.
  5. The gravel walkways in the parking lot strips need to be weeded.
  6. It would be nice get the parking lot drains opened up before it is cold — to go with the wet.
  7. There may be some potholes to fill.
  8. Etc, etc. etc.

If you are interested in staffing a family crew to take on area of our grounds, please let the office know. Also, if you are interested in scheduling the tasks to be undertaken, please respond.  You will be able to work with our Facilities Manager to make sure we get everything looking spiffy again. (7/29/20)

Sunday Offering – UU the Vote

We have heard loud and clear that you want EUUC to be involved in making sure people get to vote. UU the Vote is actively doing so, and we can help! Contributions to our Sunday Offering for the month of August, will go to the UU the Vote campaign. Their funds provide grants for local organizations providing outreach, as well as obtaining the technology necessary to help mobilize UUs across the country, to make calls and write cards to targeted areas, guiding people to register to vote and obtain absentee ballots. To give to the Sunday Offering, see “Two Ways to Give Electronically,” below..  You can also join EUUC’s UU the Vote team by contacting (7/29/20)

Messages from EUUC

We have two major ways of sending group messages from EUUC.  The first is through Mailchimp if you have signed up for our publication services, such as this publication.The second is through our database, Breeze, where we can pick and choose individuals or groups, such as members.  Breeze has advised that the first messages from their email service may land in Promotions in Gmail, or may land in spam or junk mail in other programs.  They have advised that once you pull that message into your regular Inbox, subsequent messages should then land in your Inbox.  Be sure to check your Promotions, Spam and Junk mail for messages from EUUC and move them into your Inbox. Thank you.

Two ways to give to EUUC electronically

Your generosity has been appreciated by the people receiving services from Food Lifeline, Washington Kids in Transition, Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish Co., and Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network.  On June 18, we mailed $1246 to each organization – this came from Sunday Offering donations made during May and the beginning of June.  We will continue giving equally to these organizations through the end of July, then reassess. Each is still experiencing huge need. Check the past four editions of “This Week” for more information about each organization, or read this article. To give to the Sunday Offering, see “Two Ways to Give Electronically,” below.

  1. Click on this link and you will arrive at the EUUC Breeze donation webpage.
  2. Text to give at this number: 425-333-2229. Simply key in that number to your phone, and respond to the prompts to enter the amount you would like to donate. The gift will default to EUUC’s general operations fund unless you add CAUSE if you would like it to go to the Sunday Offering, MDF if you would like it to go to the Ministers’ Discretionary Fund or SJ if you would like it to go to our Social Justice Fund.

Living Legacy Project

On the last Tuesday of each month through Election Day 2020, the Living Legacy Project is offering a free monthly online series focused on voting rights. In these sessions, we’ll be exploring what we can glean from the Voting Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s that might apply to new challenges we face today in these unprecedented times. Additional information and directions for signing up can be found at

Programs for Children and Youth

More information regarding classes for Children and Youth to come

If you have children under 18, subscribe to our weekly email for families. You’ll find all the latest news about events, classes, and social gatherings in our congregation.  You can subscribe by contacting Rev. Cecilia Kingman, Faith Development Coordinator, or by contacting the church office.  And be sure to follow us on Facebook, at EUUC Faith Development, for more news.

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