Dear Fellow Members of Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 

We all wish we could declare that Covid-19 is no longer a threat, but sadly that is not the case. Happily since Covid has been part of our life there have been no infections starting from EUUC. Many thanks for the efforts of the Covid Advisory team to manage to keep us safe through the worst part of the infections.

The Covid Advisory Team (CAT) advised the community that the scientific consensus indicates that the Mask mandate may now change. 100 members responded to the inquiry about willingness to attend if the mask mandate was stopped. 70 indicated that the mask requirement did not impact their desire to come to EUUC, 24 said that they are more likely to attend if masking was no longer required and 6 indicated that they would be less likely to come if the mask mandate was lifted.

Based on that survey, the advice and support of the CAT and Committee on Ministry the Board recommends that we change the mask status from “Mask Required” to “Mask Suggested or Encouraged.” To give all groups, committees and staff time to adjust, this shift in policy will take effect on September 1.

Let us remember that there are several layers of protection which includes, ventilation, social distancing, vaccination and of course mask wearing. With the removal of masking the CAT highly recommends that we try to maintain the other layers of protection.

Board suggests that the staff, all committees and covenant groups have a robust discussion about how everyone in the group feels about mask wearing. Not everyone has a fully functioning immune system. We ask that if someone requests you to wear a mask, especially indoors, that you respect that request.  The board recommends that the individual groups led by the leaders listed below make their own decisions as to when and where masks will be used.

  1. Choir director for rehearsal
  2. RE director for RE
  3. Minister and Worship Associates for services
  4. Narthex and Coffee lead for those volunteers
  5. A/V team lead for those volunteers
  6. Minister in role as staff lead for staff
  7. Social Justice Council, the various committees, and interest groups
  8. Facilities

The return to mask wearing mandate may be triggered either by Covid Advisory Team recommendation to the board based on the current levels of infections or by government requirements.


The Covid Advisory Team, Committee on Ministry, Exec Team, and the Board.