Gathering Together

Nurturing the Spirit

Living Our Vision

of a Just and Sustainable World

Understanding our mission

“Gathering together” is the central act of a religious community.  We come together to offer each other comfort and courage, to find others who share our values and hopes.  We gather as a community in worship, affirming our commitment to our Unitarian Universalist faith.  We gather in small groups, as well, to learn and grow, to play and work, and to make music, sing and dance together.

“Nurturing the spirit” is the essence of church life.  Be it through worship, meditation, music, literature, art, study, or connections with others, we aim to be a community that encourages spiritual growth and nurtures the wholeness in each of us.

“Living our vision of a just and sustainable world” is the expression of our religious values in all that we do.  Be it through environmental action, peace and justice education and advocacy, or social justice projects, it is our mission to contribute to our local community and the world at large.