Spaces For Rent

Our facility is designed for both formal and informal use. Its multi-purpose capacities reflect the congregation’s orientation toward families and community involvement. If you would like more information about renting a room please contact the reach out and request a space.

Our Room Scheduler will contact you with questions or a confirmation within a few days.  Be sure to request your booking at least 10 calendar days in advance in order to give us ample time to prepare for your visit

When gathering inside the building we suggest you observe these safe gathering and disease prevention practices.  As with any building there are limitations on occupancy and ventilation.

‍Chapman Hall


Chapman Hall, our sanctuary and main meeting room, can seat up to 100 people, and an adjoining infant room permits parents with infants to see and hear the services while remaining with their children. We also have a large, modern kitchen with easy access to the public areas. We also have professional audio and online broadcast capability. 


Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano

The grand piano in Chapman Hall is a rebuilt 1981 seven–foot mahogany Mason & Hamlin. It was restored in 2002 by Edward McMorrow of Lighthammer Piano in Seattle, Washington. The rich bass and warm tones are heard most Sundays and during many other special events throughout the year. It is used in choral, solo, and chamber capacities and has proved itself a valuable addition to the EUUC musical tradition.


Newly installed stoves


Our fully equipped, licensed, commercial kitchen will accommodate catering for up to 100 person. You will need some training to operate the kitchen.







Religious Exploration room 4

Eight classrooms provide space for the children’s religious education programs on Sunday and are available as meeting rooms at other times. Folding doors between classrooms open to permit gatherings of 30 or more people. A toddler room has an adjoining bathroom and connects to an enclosed playground available only to small children.


The Friarplace


A more formal meeting space, The Friarplace, is equipped with a sink, small refrigerator and conference tables. It can accommodate meetings of up to 15 people.