We bear witness, and as our faith demands, we act!

We are called by our Unitarian Universalist faith to respond to the pain of injustice made manifest in the riots and protests in our cities. We call out with cries of anguish at the extreme injustices we see in the news. 

We mourn for the murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and Ahrmaud Arbery. And for all of our siblings killed by the hands of hatred and racism. We cry for the inequity of our systems which have made the victims of the pandemic overwhelmingly people of color and the poor.

Through our policy of taking stands as a congregation, one year ago, on May 29, 2019 we, through a congregational vote committed ourselves to take action on racial justice and dismantle white supremacy

We urge each of you to participate in acts of social justice and share with others what you have done to influence more people to act. We then ask you to document the action you have taken and send the documentation to us* to share to aggregate and possibly share on the EUUC Facebook page. It can be a picture of yourself maybe with a sign or a screenshot of online actions or some other documentation of your action. Our hope is that people will do what they can and together we will document at least 75 actions. We encourage you to take as many actions as possible for you.

Here is a list of  “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.”  We want to share some actions for right now as well as highlight some activities from the list.  Recognizing the power of collective action, we know we make a difference. 

If you feel called to go to a mass gathering or protest (which we are advising against due to COVID-19 safety protocols), please do so as safely as possible – wear a mask and gloves, bring your own signs, and practice social distancing. Be sure to find out who is sponsoring the event; we recommend events sponsored by those who are trusted organizations and leaders. 

Even in challenging times such as these, we can work for a better world.  We must work for a better world.  We will work for a better world. 

*Post photos to Facebook and tag @euuc.org or send via email to secretary@euuc.org