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Afghan refugee women deserve dignity

With the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, refugees began fleeing the country. Those arriving in the United States are starting over and there is a great need for personal care items by women refugees. You can help by donating to our fall fundraiser benefiting I Support … read more.

Cold Weather Shelter-An EUUC Commitment

The November weather has been cooler than usual and the EUUC Cold Weather Coordinator is watching the weather reports.  If it drops another degree, the shelter will open and Walt Leberg will send out an email alert to the EUUC team that they are being … read more.

Sunday Offering – October 2021 – Viva Farms

Viva Farms is a non-profit farm business incubator and training program with a mission to preserve sustainable farming and create a resilient and just local food system. They empower aspiring and limited resource farmers by providing bilingual training in holistic organic farming, as well as … read more.

Advocates for Women Upcoming Events

Current Month(s)

September – October 2021

09/06 – Monday, 7-9 pm. A4W Monthly Meeting

09/08-09/12 Kitchen Box collections for Afghan refugees

09/21 – Tuesday, 4-5:30 pm. Cafe Connections / Whatever makes you happy “Happy Hour”

10/04 – Monday, 7-9 pm. A4W Monthly Meeting

10/13-11/2 I Support the Girls fundraiser

For more … read more.

Problem. Period. part 2

Problem. Period. Part 2 of 2 

Written by: Vicki Roberts-Gassler | Advocates for Women, News Group

In emerging economies, where poverty is even deeper and more widespread than in wealthier countries, the problems associated with periods are compounded. The instances of girls staying home from school while … read more.

Problem. Period.

Problem. Period. Part 1 of 2 

Written by: Vicki Roberts-Gassler | Advocates for Women, News Group

Menstruation – It affects half the world: How can it be a problem? And yet – even in liberal countries of the developed world menstruation is a taboo subject. The taboo … read more.