February Cause of the Month – Native Action Network

Native Action Network 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum from Native Action Network on Vimeo


Native Action Network (NAN) is the Sunday cause of the month for February. NAN is a nonprofit organized to promote Native women’s full representation, participation, and leadership in local, state, tribal, and national affairs. NAN achieves this by hosting intergenerational leadership forums, youth academies, 10-month Legacy of Leadership cohorts, leadership luncheons, nonprofit capacity building workshops, as well as other community development and civic participation activities. 

Native Action Network’s mission is to enhance the beauty, strength, and integrity of American Indian and Alaskan Native communities through personal empowerment and civic participation. Native Action Network was founded in 2001 by Claudia Kauffman (Nez Perce) and Iris Friday (Tlingit). NAN is a powerful network of advocates who work together to support Native leadership, tribal sovereignty and the collective priorities of Black, Indigenous and communities of color. To support this vision over the last 20 years, they have invested in programs of Native empowerment.

The funds raised by EUUC will go primarily to: Young women in annual academy training; participating in Legacy of Leadership training Annual Native Women’s Leadership Forum. Here are the 2023-2024 cohort of the program.

This organization was nominated by Advocates for Women. 

As always, thank you for your generous donations.

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