The Peace & Justice committee has a long and rich history of advocacy, public witness, and leadership in the community.  We focus on building a world that is sustainable and just, through:

  • Strong local climate action
  • Protecting our democracy
  • Working with community partners

Who are we?

We are fun, hopeful, committed people who have a vision of a just and sustainable world. We seek to inspire, educate, and advocate — nurturing fellowship and action within EUUC and beyond. We make a difference. We enrich our work by offering each other comfort, courage, friendship, and strength through our shared values and mission.

We would love to have you join us!

All are welcome! The Climate Justice team meets at 7 pm on the first Thursday of the month by zoom, September to June, with a retreat/social gathering in summer. Reach out to us for the zoom info!

Contact our Co-Chairs:  Gayle Leberg, Cindy Creager, and Julie Taylor

Affiliated Teams

The Peace & Justice committee focuses on core issues. The most urgent problem to be addressed is the climate crisis, but we cannot make any progress in this or any other justice issue, without also addressing the corruption of our democracy.  The main committee focuses on the climate crisis, and we sponsor the Democracy Action and Sno-King Meaningful Movies teams.

Peace & Justice Committee Mission

Be present in the world, discerning which issues call us to act to bend the arc of justice toward our vision of a just and sustainable world.

Be present in our community, as leaders and collaborators, to amplify our ability to make changes locally and beyond.

Be present in our congregation, to inspire, energize, and aid in connecting hearts to action.

Peace & Justice Events

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Peace & Justice News

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  • The Lobby Room: Our Best Year Yet! April 29, 2023
    Thanks to the congregation, we had a great year in the Lobby Room with over 3100 legislative contacts reported! Some highlights of the legislation are described below. The Lobby Room is a collaboration between EUUC Social Justice Committees, specifically Advocates for Women, Peace & Justice, and Racial Justice. Teams from each committee review the legislative agendas ...
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  • We Have to Nip “Cop Cities” in the Bud April 25, 2023
    First Chicago, then Atlanta, and now other cities are talking about building police training facilities designed to train police in urban combat and citizen control.  This is a horrific idea for a number of reasons: –Police are already too aggressive, with police killings increasing every year since 2017, topping out at 1,096 in 2022, disproportionately killing ...
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  • What’s so bad about Crisis Pregnancy Centers? January 18, 2023
    If you’ve been around the reproductive justice movement at all, you’ve probably heard the term “crisis pregnancy center.” Not just an annoyance, crisis pregnancy centers do real harm to real people. Here’s a rundown of what’s bad about them. What harm do CPCs do? Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), also called  “pregnancy resource centers”, or “pregnancy care clinics”, ...
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  • The 2023 Lobby Room Heats Up! January 17, 2023
    Many challenges await the 2023 state legislature’s 105-day budget session, which starts January 10. Let’s build on our past successes to promote those bills that our mission and UU principles guide us to support. Only one week later, bills are beginning to move quickly, so action is needed!  Bills We Recommend The Lobby Room group has ...
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  • 400 Abortion Aftercare Kits from Our Work Party January 2, 2023
    In the quiet time between Christmas and New Year, 17 members and friends of Advocates for Women, the Racial Justice Committee, and the Reproductive Justice Work Group held a work party at EUUC to put together abortion aftercare kits. Planned Parenthood of Seattle provided the supplies and we provided the brawn. Together we assembled about ...
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  • How to talk about abortion: A post-Roe mini-workshop, Wed Oct. 26, 7 pm via Zoom October 10, 2022
    Many of us are uneasy when we contemplate talking about abortion with friends and relatives, especially those who are not in full agreement with us. Yet, now more than ever, it is critical to have those conversations to engage hearts and minds.  What you will learn In this mini-workshop, you will learn about leading with values and ...
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  • New Reproductive Justice Work Group Forms and Board Endorses Action of Immediate Witness October 10, 2022
    This summer, we saw a huge step back for human rights in our country when Roe v. Wade was overturned. So when Rev. Eric posted about a Side With Love/UUA training on congregational organizing on Reproductive Justice, several of us jumped on board! From there, we decided to form an intersectional, action-oriented group to mobilize ...
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  • Supreme ─ but No Longer Esteemed ─ Court May 23, 2022
    For the first time in its history the Supreme Court is poised to eliminate an existing constitutional right. The court is reducing women’s autonomy as humans entitled to control their own lives. The court is subjugating a class of people to be controlled by legislators who largely fall outside the group. Help Women Seeking Abortions From May ...
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  • Abortion is a Human Right May 23, 2022
    “Under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Access to safe abortion is a human right. “In many circumstances, those who have no choice but to resort to unsafe abortions also risk ...
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  • Ukrainians and Midwives of Color May 8, 2022
    Ukrainian refugees and people of color are being helped by your gifts to the Social Justice Pledge funds. Thank you!  Advocates for Women sent their portion of pledge funds out into the world to help make this country and international community better places.  At our May meeting we talked about where we wanted the money ...
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