The Lobby Room Re-Opens for Justice in Washington State!

The Lobby Room puts our faith into action by helping you support bills that align with our Social Justice Priorities. This is our opportunity to let our legislators know where we stand and help or hinder the progress of bills towards law. Many challenges await the 2024 state legislature’s the short legislative session, which spans January 8 to March 7.

The Lobby Room was hugely successful in last year’s long session, with 3108 actions recorded! Nonetheless several important bills did not succeed. But, we recognize that it sometimes takes several years for innovative bills to gain traction as the groundwork is laid in the public arena and among the legislators and staff. As this is the second year in the biennium, we will see many bills that did not pass last year carryover to this session, along with our hopes for success!


How to participate in the Lobby effort

The best place to start is on our Lobby Room information page. This will give you a brief introduction to how we work. The graphic above shows you the how bills will progress through the legislative process with most of our actions being at the policy committee level through the floor vote. The short session means that everything will be fast-paced!

Teams focused on Climate, Democracy, Justice for Women and Families, and Racial Justice are prioritizing 2024 bills for action, taking special consideration of those recommended by our allies.  For each team, you have the option of signing up short, specific Legislative Action Alerts that makes giving your input is easier than ever!  This is done through the Washington State Legislature website. Of course you can also give your legislators input via emailing them directly (many legislators request no paper please!) or by calling them on the phone.

If you need help or would like to attend a training session via Zoom, please contact us here.