Advocates For Women has been working toward improving the lives of women for more than a decade!


The ongoing pandemic, coupled with pressing issues of social justice, urgently call our attention to the challenges facing women. Now more than ever, the full participation and leadership of and by women is essential to addressing local, national, and global issues of disease and health, climate and sustainability, and justice for all. We believe that partnership among disadvantaged groups, including women, is key to success in achieving the vision of a just and sustainable world. For 2019-2020, our focus will be on the impact of COVID-19 on women.


Issues we focus on include:

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Challenging Beauty Standards
Economic Justice Racial Justice
Reproductive Rights LGBTQ Rights


Meetings and More

During the pandemic, from September to June we will hold regular business meetings online the first Monday of each month (at 2 pm or 7 pm), as well as additional gatherings, such as a happy hour or coffee time.  We also will hold discussions of relevant books and films throughout the year, which will be announced in TWAE and via the website. 

During the pandemic we are unable to hold our fundraising benefit dinners for organizations supporting women locally and globally. However, we plan to continue drives to support women in crisis locally. These drives will be announced in TWAE and posted on EUUC News.  

Take a look at our Support and Serve Page to see how we support women outside the congregation. Our Educate, Advocate and Celebrate Page covers social gatherings; advocacy at the local, state and national level; and educational events for ourselves and the congregation. 

For More Information

Contact: Advocates For Women




For previous events, please see our Support and Educate pages.