Improving the Lives of Women

Advocates for Women has been working toward improving the lives of women for more than a decade! In our work to lift up and advocate for women we focus on:

  • Equal rights
  • Gender-based violence
  • Reproductive and health justice
  • Economic and social disparities
  • Intersectionality

The ongoing pandemic coupled with pressing issues of social justice urgently call our attention to the challenges facing women. Now more than ever the full participation and leadership of and by women is essential to addressing local, national, and global disparities and injustices, especially those suffered by women. During the pandemic, a major focus of Advocates for Women will be on the impact of COVID-19 on women.

Meetings For Work and Play

We meet on Zoom each month to plan and reconnect with one another. Our regular meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 7 pm, September through June.

Throughout the year we gather (usually on Zoom) for some fun times together, such as “Whatever Makes You Happy” happy hours and Cafe Connections. Although we don’t have business meetings In July and August, we do have one or two social get-togethers. Community is important to our success!

Our Work

We seek to help women locally and globally by

  • raising money or acquiring products for non-profit organizations which help women (see Fundraising for Women for details)
  • raise awareness among ourselves and the congregation about challenges facing women
  • advocate for women at the local, state, and national level (see Advocacy and Awareness for more)

Upcoming Events

To learn about our upcoming events, check out our calendar.



For More Information

Contact: Advocates For Women