This covenant of the members, friends, and staff of the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation encourages us to deepen and expand our connections by bringing our best selves to our relationships in the church community and beyond.

Because we each value coming together and creating a community of healthy relationships I strive to:

  • be loving and generous in spirit
  • cultivate lightness, warmth, and joy
  • challenge myself to talk with people outside my usual circles
  • be welcoming to all
  • speak and work openly and honestly
  • be thoughtful, considerate and authentic in all my interactions
  • share my resources
  • appreciate, acknowledge and encourage others
  • honor another’s point of view or experience
  • be aware of how my emotions might affect my communication with others
  • listen to understand

Because we each acknowledge that change, conflict and diverse ideas are normal parts of life in community I strive to:

  • trust others to have good intentions
  • speak from a position of respect, kindness and love whether in harmony or conflict
  • be aware and respectful of my and other people’s boundaries
  • maintain a safe environment where everyone can authentically express themselves
  • acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes
  • seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness

And, because we are human I will strive to forgive myself and others when we fail to keep these promises and will renew our covenant in faith and love.

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