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The 2023 Lobby Room Heats Up!

Many challenges await the 2023 state legislature’s 105-day budget session, which starts January 10. Let’s build on our past successes to promote those bills that our mission and UU principles guide us to support. Only one week later, bills are beginning to move quickly, so … read more.

Ukrainians and Midwives of Color

Ukrainian refugees and people of color are being helped by your gifts to the Social Justice Pledge funds. Thank you!  Advocates for Women sent their portion of pledge funds out into the world to help make this country and international community better places.  At our … read more.

Lobby Room Wraps up with Victories

Post-Session Wrap

The Lobby Room wrapped up in early March after logging 796 contacts with our state legislators! Many thanks to all who participated. We had some notable successes including: enhancing abortion access, allocating funds for launching a Medicaid-like program for immigrants, and improving the working family … read more.

Afghan refugee women deserve dignity

With the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, refugees began fleeing the country. Those arriving in the United States are starting over and there is a great need for personal care items by women refugees. We held a fall fundraiser benefiting I Support The Girls (ISTG). Thank … read more.

Cold Weather Shelter-An EUUC Commitment

The November weather has been cooler than usual and the EUUC Cold Weather Coordinator is watching the weather reports.  If it drops another degree, the shelter will open and Walt Leberg will send out an email alert to the EUUC team that they are being … read more.

White Privilege in Hair Care?

Your generosity brought in $500 during this fundraiser to purchase hair care products for women of color. Thank you to all who gave!  We are currently purchasing the items and soon we will deliver them to Pathways for Women in Lynnwood.

White privilege in hair care

Pathways … read more.

Community Engagement Committee – It Takes a Village

Since its creation about 40 years ago, the Community Engagement Committee, (formely the Social Concerns committee) has provided volunteer and financial assistance to numerous local organizations, primarily with a focus on alleviating poverty. Community Engagement serves as the hub for EUUC’s involvement in many projects, … read more.