White Privilege in Hair Care?

womans profile in colorful dotsThe newly housed (formerly homeless) women at Pathways for Women are working hard to find employment or seek promotions as they navigate the difficult path to getting their lives back on track. For women of color the free sample size shampoos can damage their hair, making it even harder to look their best for interviews and at work.

People donate shampoo for white people

Pathways for Women receives donations of sample shampoos and conditioners, like you would get at a hotel, but these are not appropriate for women of color. Unfortunately, the products they need don’t have inexpensive alternatives, like you will find for white women in the shampoo aisle.

Racial Justice, Social Concerns, and Advocates for Women are teaming up to conduct a drive for hair care products needed by women of color. Because our congregation is meeting virtually, we ask that you donate money to this cause, and we will buy and deliver the hair care products to Pathways.

Please donate for women of color

We wanted to make it easy for everyone to donate from their desk or sofa, and we’ve come up with four ways you can give:

  • EUUC website: https://euuc.breezechms.com/give/online
    • Fill in the dollar amount you wish to give.
    • Click on the line “give to 2021 Operating Fund” to get the drop down menu, and choose “Give to A4W”
    • Click continue and complete the form.
  • Text “a4w $_” (with the dollar amount also included) to 425-333-2229
  • Check: write a check to “EUUC” with “a4w hair” on the memo line.
  • Breeze app

Please give generously to boost women who have landed on their feet, who are grateful to be housed, and who are challenged daily to keep moving forward toward a more secure future.