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The Covenant and Practice: How We Believe – A Path to Membership & Deepening (The Covenant and Practice) at the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a three-part course for those who want to deepen their faith and explore becoming a Member of EUUC.

The Covenant and Practice of Unitarian Universalism is also for Members of EUUC who want to refresh their knowledge and practice of Unitarian Universalism, and who want to make new friends. 

The Covenant and Practice is led by the Reverend Eric Kaminetzky, EUUC Members Nancy Gladow & Whitney Stohr, and other guests who help us bring our faith tradition alive!

    • Stay tuned for the dates of next session    
    • Time:  7-8:00 PM
    • There are brief readings and videos to watch on your own prior to each session. 
    • Room: ZOOM link provided to those pre-registered
    • Facilitators: Reverend Eric Kaminetzky, EUUC Members Nancy Gladow & Whitney Stohr, and other guests 

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  • UU History 101, part of the Faith Forward CORE Path, is a 6-session introduction to concepts and people from our history. 
  • In this series, we approach history from the starting point of compelling stories and personalities. Participants explore the questions those people faced, and make connections with our own lives and the world around us today. 
  • The overarching question is: how can history be translated into our religious life and practice?


Come to one or both sessions of  this  two-part workshop.

Morning Workshop: Understanding the Divide:  In this workshop, speaker Courtney Wooten will share some unique qualities of our current social landscape in small, interpersonal ways, and large, institutional levels. Topics will include polarization, misinformation, and how ‘Belonging’ frameworks can help us strategize for a better future.

Afternoon Workshop:  Connecting Across Differences:   In this interactive workshop, Courtney Wooten will share models of bridging, as well as activities for individuals and groups to practice connecting across—and celebrating—our differences. We will also share resources for ongoing practice.