Principles, values, and beliefs

Our principles, values, and beliefs are deeply intertwined, with much of our focus centered on living our social justice values. We encourage sustainability in our congregation and our personal lives.  We have divested our investments in fossil fuels, and moved our financial accounts to a community bank. Our congregation welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, sexual identities, and abilities. We believe that by living our values, we can transform both ourselves and the world.

Every week our Social Justice program puts action behind our principles, values, and beliefs. Our children are encouraged to live their values in the Families and Religious Exploration program. Sunday services and music draw people into our congregation where they find our beliefs reflected in songs and sermons.

Congregational Stands on Justice

Sometimes our values lead us to speak out on core moral social justice issues.  These congregational stands allow EUUC staff and members to publicly advocate and engage in witness on these issues.

Learn about our process for taking a congregational stand and also the stands that we have taken on LGBTQI Justice and Equity, Money in Politics, Global Warming and Climate Justice, Racial Justice, and Reproductive Justice.