Your generosity makes EUUC possible

This is our third year of ramping up our financial commitments to fully fund our Minister for Faith and Justice. We’ve made much progress, in the past two years we have increased pledging overall by 25%! This year we just need to increase total pledging by 10%. Some have doubled or even tripled their pledges, others have made smaller incremental increases, but every single pledge, increased or not, contributes to the mission of this wonderful place. Ours is a remarkably generous congregation.

By raising our pledges for the operations of EUUC, we fund the world we want to live in!

EUUC’s Social Justice Fund is a separate pledge. Social Justice pledge funds are distributed to four social justice committees: Social Concerns, Peace & Justice, Racial Justice, and Advocates for Women.  The fund is used to educate, amplify our hands-on work, develop leadership skills and donate to organizations doing work consistent with our UU values. The Social Justice Fund also pays for memberships in organizations such as the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the JUUstice Washington.  It does not pay for our Minister for Faith and Justice.